NordVPN vs AzireVPN: Which is the Better VPN for You?

NordVPN vs AzireVPN:Who is better? See the differences between these two VPN companies in a side-by-side table. Compare security features, user experience, pricing, and our ratings.

Intro & Overall Ratings

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NordVPN outperforms AzireVPN overall, scoring 83.5% compared to AzireVPN’s 24.2%. NordVPN operates under Panama’s jurisdiction, free from mandatory data retention laws. This proves a clear advantage over AzireVPN based in Sweden, a country known for extensive surveillance and data-sharing practices. With over 5,000 servers across 59 countries, NordVPN also provides a broader network compared to AzireVPN’s 78 servers in 14 countries. The pricing of NordVPN is more affordable, with prices starting from $2.99 per month compared to $5.47 for AzireVPN. Both providers have a ‘no logging’ policy and offer a money-back guarantee, but NordVPN extends this period to 30 days in contrast to AzireVPN’s 7 days. NordVPN also provides additional security features like kill switch and double VPN, absent in AzireVPN. Lastly, NordVPN offers and excels in unblocking streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, which isn’t matched by AzireVPN’s offerings. This comparative analysis strongly suggests NordVPN to be the better option for users.

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Specifications: NordVPN vs AzireVPN

VPN Company NordVPN AzireVPN
Jurisdiction Country Panama Sweden
Cheapest Price $2.99/mo over 24-month subscription $5.47/mo
Monthly Price $12.99 $10.95
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 7 days
No Logging Policy? Yes Yes
Encryption AES-256, and ChaCha20 AES-256
Protocols OpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec OpenVPN, and WireGuard
Servers 5,000 78
Servers Countries 59 14
Simultaneous Connections 6 devices 5 devices
Works in China? Yes, but unreliable Unlikely
Smart DNS Yes No
Kill Switch Yes No
Browser Extension Yes No
Double VPN Yes No
Ads Blocking Yes No
Split Tunneling Yes No
Third Party Audit Deloitte
Customer Support 24/7 Live Chat, and Email Email
Android App Yes Yes
iOS App Yes Yes
Unblock Streaming Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Disney+, and Netflix
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Cruical Features & Key Differences

Plans & Pricing: NordVPN Better

At $3.79/mo, NordVPN offers a wallet-friendly VPN solution, in contrast to AzireVPN’s higher-priced offering at $5.47/mo. This price variance prompts users to ponder the added value provided by AzireVPN. Highlighting its military-grade encryption (AES-256), exceptional Email support, and an expansive server network spanning 78 servers in 14 countries, AzireVPN showcases its premium features.

However, it’s essential to compare these with NordVPN’s services to determine if the additional investment in AzireVPN aligns with what users seek in a VPN, balancing cost against specific feature needs.

Jurisdiction: NordVPN Better

When it comes to privacy, the jurisdiction of a VPN provider is key. NordVPN’s location in Panama, free from mandatory data retention laws, offers a significant privacy advantage over AzireVPN, based in the 14-Eye Alliance country of Sweden. This alliance, including the US, UK, and several European nations, is known for its extensive surveillance and data-sharing practices, potentially impacting user privacy.

In brief, for those dealing with sensitive data or in strict online environments, NordVPN represents a safer choice. Its non-14-Eyes location reduces the risk of surveillance and involuntary data sharing, making it a preferable option for privacy-conscious users.

Servers Count & Geographical Coverage: NordVPN Better

NordVPN and AzireVPN differ substantially in their server fleet sizes. While NordVPN boasts a vast network of 5,000 servers globally, AzireVPN operates with a much smaller server fleet, consisting of just 78 servers in 14 countries. This difference might affect the performance and speed – especially for users in less covered regions.

Money Back Guarantee: NordVPN Better

With NordVPN, users benefit from a comforting 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing a thorough testing period of its services. On the flip side, AzireVPN presents a comparatively shorter money-back guarantee. This limited period, though adequate for a basic evaluation, may be a noteworthy aspect for users desiring a more extended trial phase to fully determine how well the VPN aligns with their specific requirements.

Kill Switch Feature: NordVPN Better

The presence of a kill switch in a VPN service is a critical factor for many users. NordVPN includes this feature, which automatically cuts your internet connection if the VPN drops, preventing data leaks. In contrast, AzireVPN does not offer a kill switch. This could be a significant drawback for users who require an assurance of continuous privacy protection. While AzireVPN compensates with other features such as 78 servers spread across 14 countries and various support options like Email, the lack of a kill switch might deter users who prioritize uninterrupted security in their VPN service.

Double VPN Feature: NordVPN Better

One of the notable differences between NordVPN and AzireVPN is the inclusion of a double VPN feature. NordVPN offers this advanced feature, which routes your internet traffic through two VPN servers instead of one, adding an extra layer of security and privacy. On the other hand, AzireVPN does not provide a double VPN option.

Ad Blocking Feature: NordVPN Better

A significant differentiator between NordVPN and AzireVPN lies in their performance in unblocking popular streaming platforms. NordVPN excels in this regard, consistently providing users with access to a broad spectrum of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Nord users can reliably enjoy their preferred shows and movies from virtually any location.

Conversely, AzireVPN faces challenges when it comes to this aspect. Despite having servers in 14 countries, the VPN frequently encounters difficulties in reliably unblocking major streaming platforms. This limitation is of paramount importance for users who prioritize seamless access to streaming content and are in search of a VPN service capable of effectively circumventing geo-restrictions.


In conclusion, according to our well-rounded analysis, NordVPN emerges with significantly better performance and features than AzireVPN. It is highly recommended for users seeking advanced features such as Double VPN, Kill Switch, and reliable access to popular streaming platforms, along with the assurance of comprehensive online privacy and security.

About NordVPN & AzireVPN


More about AzireVPN

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Sweden, AzireVPN was founded with the mission to provide a market-leading VPN service focusing on avoiding censorship and interception on the Internet. The service, owned and maintained by Netbouncer AB, has evolved to keep up with the latest technologies and VPN protocols, including the release of the first WireGuard powered VPN servers in 2017. AzireVPN is operated by a dedicated team with extensive experience in network and security areas.

To learn more, read our AzireVPN review.


More about NordVPN

NordVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider that has been in operation since 2012. The company has its headquarters in Panama, which is outside the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes intelligence alliances. NordVPN is the flagship product of Tefincom & Co. S.A., a company that focuses on providing internet privacy and security solutions.

NordVPN offers several features that make it a popular VPN choice for individuals and businesses alike. The company has over 5,000 servers in over 59 countries, which makes it easy for users to connect to the internet from almost anywhere in the world. NordVPN also offers its users unlimited bandwidth, which means that they can browse and download content without worrying about data caps.

NordVPN places a strong emphasis on security and privacy. The company uses military-grade encryption to protect user data, and it allows users to browse the internet anonymously by masking their IP addresses. NordVPN also has a strict no-logs policy, which means that it does not store any information about its users’ online activities.

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