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Best VPN Services for Online Streaming: Unblock Movies & TV Shows

For a complete protection and best Streaming experience, you need to VPN-enable all your devices. In this guide – we highlight five best Streaming VPNs for your considerations..

Streaming aficionados assembled! Step into a world of endless entertainment with the right VPN by your side.

In an era where online streaming dominates, accessing a diverse range of movies and TV shows is crucial. However, geo-restrictions often limit the content available to you. This guide is designed to bridge that gap. We have meticulously reviewed and compared over 100 VPN services, focusing on their ability to unlock content on various streaming platforms. Key factors in our assessment include speed, reliability, and the strength of geo-blocking circumvention. These elements are crucial for a seamless streaming experience, ensuring that you have access to a wide array of global content at your fingertips.

The best VPN for online streaming should offer more than just access to restricted content. It must ensure that your streaming experience is smooth, with minimal buffering and high-quality video. In this pursuit, we have evaluated VPNs based on their network speeds, server locations, number of servers, and the stability of their connections. Our goal with this article is to provide you with a definitive guide that not only expands your streaming horizons but also maintains optimal viewing quality. Let’s go!

1. Surfshark

Surfshark - Best VPN for Streaming? Review Here

Using Surfshark for Streaming

Surfshark is a leading VPN provider, offering an extensive suite of security features that prioritize user privacy and data security. It leverages state-of-the-art technology to establish secure, encrypted connections that protect user information from potential threats and prying eyes. With servers spanning across various geographical locations worldwide, Surfshark provides unparalleled access to content, regardless of the user’s location or the source of the content.

Reliable, high-speed connectivity and unlimited device compatibility are among Surfshark’s defining features, making it an optimal choice for streaming. It bypasses geographical restrictions, ensuring users can seamlessly stream their favourite shows and movies on popular platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. It also delivers consistent high-speed connections, removing the frustrations of buffering delays or reduced quality. Stream with Surfshark, enjoy your content uninterrupted, and be confident that your streaming habits remain private.

Our Take: What Makes Surfshark Right for Streaming?

We love Surfshark for streaming because it is fast, reliable, and offers a decent server network spread. More importantly, you can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Our Surfshark Rating:
68.1% (Full Review)

Surfshark Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsIKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3200 servers in 100 countries
Unblock StreamingNetflix
Customer SupportEmail
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Surfshark Online

2. NordVPN

NordVPN - Best VPN for Streaming? Review Here

Using NordVPN for Streaming

NordVPN is a highly reputed VPN provider that offers secure internet access worldwide. With its robust technical standards, uncompromising privacy, and advanced security measures, NordVPN continues to be a leading choice for internet users globally. Its vast array of globally distributed servers ensures that users can bypass geographically restricted content, a feature highly relevant to users interested in streaming content from various parts of the world.

Specifically for streaming purposes, NordVPN holds a competitive edge. It holds an excellent track record in bypassing geo-restrictions effortlessly, thus providing access to a broad range of streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many more. Further enhancing its relevancy, NordVPN delivers a seamless streaming experience by providing fast and stable connection speeds. Encryption, privacy, and lack of buffering make NordVPN an optimal choice for streaming aficionados.

Our Take: What Makes NordVPN Right for Streaming?

Renowned for its high-speed servers and SmartPlay technology, NordVPN is a movie buff’s dream come true. Server obfuscation also lets you reliably unblock platforms like Netflix.

Our NordVPN Rating:
83.5% (Full Review)

NordVPN Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, and SSTP
Simultaneous Connections1 Devices
Servers5000 servers in 59 countries
Unblock Streaming-
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$2.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit NordVPN Online

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Best VPN for Streaming? Review Here

Using CyberGhost for Streaming

CyberGhost is a reputable VPN provider with a strong emphasis on providing optimum streaming performance, making it a reliable choice for multimedia enthusiasts. With a robust network of servers globally, it specializes in swiftly bypassing geo-restrictions, giving users unparalleled access to diverse international content libraries on popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. CyberGhost also ensures fast streaming speeds and quality performance with its unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connections. Notably, the VPN service stands out with its user-friendly interface, making it easy even for beginners to navigate and use. Furthermore, CyberGhost maintains a strong stance on privacy and security, providing users with effective protection from cyber threats while streaming.

Our Take: What Makes CyberGhost Right for Streaming?

Specialized streaming servers and a user-friendly interface are key calls to fame for CyberGhost. You can access Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and more anytime, anywhere.

Our CyberGhost Rating:
84.4% (Full Review)

CyberGhost Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec
Simultaneous Connections3 Devices
Servers9769 servers in 90 countries
Unblock StreamingDisney+, Netflix, and HBO
Customer SupportLive chat (not working), and Submit ticket
Cheapest Price$2.03/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit CyberGhost Online

4. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Best VPN for Streaming? Review Here

Using ExpressVPN for Streaming

ExpressVPN is a renowned Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider known for its robust technology and seamless performance. Designed to provide secure, private and unrestricted worldwide web access, ExpressVPN is particularly appreciated by streaming enthusiasts around the globe. Its infrastructure includes over 3,000 servers distributed in 94 countries, thereby offering users a wide ranged selection of virtual locations.

ExpressVPN’s key edge lies in its ability to bypass virtual geo-restrictions. This means users can access diverse local and international streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many others that would otherwise be unavailable due to regional content licensing limitations. With ExpressVPN, users can unblock these platforms and enjoy a comprehensive catalogue of content.

It is also compelling to note that ExpressVPN’s superior speed sets the stage for a smooth and buffer-free streaming experience. This becomes a vital feature when high-definition (HD) video streaming is in focus, as slow speeds can cause frustrating lags and breaks. Couple this with ExpressVPN’s stringent no-log policy ensuring user privacy along with 256-bit encryption security, it is clear why this VPN service has emerged as a reliable choice for users in the streaming domain.

Our Take: What Makes ExpressVPN Right for Streaming?

ExpressVPN’s fast speeds and reliability support high-quality streaming without interruptions. Its MediaStreamer feature allows you to use devices that don’t natively support VPNs.

Our ExpressVPN Rating:
77.9% (Full Review)

ExpressVPN Key Facts

JurisdictionBritish Virgin Islands
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, WireGuard, SSTP, and SoftEther
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3000 servers in 94 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, and Netflix
Customer SupportLive chat
Cheapest Price$6.67/mo over 15-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit ExpressVPN Online

5. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN - Best VPN for Streaming? Review Here

Atlas VPN is an internet security service that offers versatile VPN solutions, with an emphasis on efficient and reliable streaming. Recognizing the increasing need for seamless content streaming, Atlas VPN optimizes its servers to ensure minimal buffering and top-quality speed, enabling users to access global content across multiple platforms. With powerful technology to circumvent geo-restrictions and maintain online privacy, this VPN service not only saves users from bandwidth throttling but also ensures that your online activities are encrypted and completely anonymous. Users can be assured of uninterrupted streaming with Atlas VPN, irrespective of their location.

Friendly on the eyes and wallet, Atlas VPN offers a modest server network. However, these support robust encryption and provide decent speeds sufficient for streaming.

Our Atlas VPN Rating:
60.5% (Full Review)

Atlas VPN Key Facts

JurisdictionUnited States
EncryptionAES-256, and ChaCha20
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers1000 servers in 42 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$1.70/mo over 36-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Atlas VPN Online

How to Use a VPN with Streaming Services?

First, connect to a VPN server in the region where the content you want to access is available. Once connected, simply navigate to your desired streaming platform.
To do this, open your VPN client and choose a server based in the geographical location where the content is accessible. After successfully connecting to the VPN server, it’s time to head over to the website or streaming service you wish to use. Do so by opening your favorite browser and typing in the URL of the streaming platform. Enter your login details to access your account. It’s important to note that the VPN needs to remain connected during your streaming session to maintain access to the content. Disconnecting the VPN may lead to losing access, as the server might reevaluate your geographical location.

In case, you face any issues while connecting to the streaming platform, check your VPN server connection. Sometimes, the connection speed can vary, which may affect your streaming experience. Always prefer a VPN with high connection speeds for uninterrupted streaming. Furthermore, some streaming platforms might detect unusual activity and might require you to validate your user account. Follow any prompts for verification to maintain access. As always, remember that using a VPN should be in accordance with the terms of service for your streaming platform. Be mindful to adhere to their specific rules and operational guidelines to prevent any non-compliance issues.

Will VPN slow down my streaming speed?

A VPN can introduce some level of latency. However, premium services like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are optimized for speed and performance, often minimizing this impact.
These VPNs utilize a vast network of high-speed servers spread worldwide, which ensures a smoother and faster data transmission for users. When using these premium VPN services, the data packets are routed through these optimized servers, resulting in minimal delay or lag. Their advanced configurations are specifically designed to deliver high-speed connections while maintaining an acceptable level of latency.

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that and latency and speed may vary depending on your device, the specific server to which you’re connected, and other variables. Understanding these factors can better equip users to navigate potential speed impediments whilst still maintaining the security benefits brought by VPNs. Despite these potential minor speed variances, premium VPNs typically offer a noticeably faster and more reliable performance as compared to free or basic VPN services.


Wrapping up – employing a VPN service for streaming can revolutionize your viewing experience by unlocking a world of content. This guide has helped you understand the importance and operation of VPNs. Invest in a reliable VPN today and step into the boundless universe of uninterrupted online streaming.