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Cybersecurity & Digital Privacy Tips

What does Google know about you?

What Does Google Know About You?

Google knows what you look like, where have you been, your political and religious beliefs, and how healthy you are. Most people often associate Google with search, but that is quite far from accurate. Although Google Search is one of it’s biggest products, it has a great deal more.

Read on to learn how Google embed their products into our daily lives and collect different types of information from us legally.

How to Encrypt Your Internet Connection?

Data travels the world in the blink of an eye, but convenience comes at a price. Speed and integrity are everything. Unless you force encryption, data is generally left “unsafe.” To help prevent this, we are going to teach you how to encrypt your Internet connection in 4 easy steps.

Learn About VPNs

How Fast Is Your VPN?

Not only that we sign up with and test different VPN services ourselves – By using ongoing automated speed tests, we also  factor in real data over time to present a more accurate idea of how well a VPN performs over time.

Our VPN Picks

Protect your digital privacy with a VPN. Use our VPN reviews to easily compare and find the VPN that fits your unique use.

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Online Streaming

Best Sites to Stream UFC Online

Nothing could be more tragic than separating an MMA lover from UFC content. We’ve done some extensive digging to bring the best sites to stream UFC for free, just for you (and us too).