5 Best Sites to Stream Rugby Live Games for Free

Five places to get your rugby fix and stream your favorite live rugby matches for free.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only. Hideandseek.online does not in any way or form condone nor encourage the use of VPNs as a means of violating copyright or other laws.

For rugby fans who can’t access a game, streaming your favorite live rugby matches is the next best thing. After all it’s in the comfort of home and you can crack open a really cold one as well to go with the game.

The problem comes about when finances come into play (asking us to pay is just so tacky of them). Don’t worry though – there are a number of options for you to stream rugby live games for free – completely gratis.

1. France TV

There are times when you simply have to love Google translate and when doing research is one of them. Apparently, you can watch quite a few rugby games on France TV (if you’re in France) even without an account. It’s simply streamed for anyone with a French IP address to watch.

Here you’ll find recorded matches of the biggest Euro rugger tourney, the SIx Nations. But you’ll have to be on the ball (pardon the pun) since they only keep clips of matches for seven days after broadcast.

While the quality is pretty decent, remember that to stream rugby live on this site you’ll need to meet a few criteria. As I mentioned, live in France, be able to read French, and be quick about it!

Visit France TV

2. BBC iPlayer

As always, the Brits come through where sports is concerned. The BBC iPlayer runs live and highlights streams for rugby, including the Six Nations and Challenge cup. The problem is that there’s so much content on the BBC.

While that might sound like a good thing (really, it is), you might have difficulties finding what you want. I found Google helped me out more than their internal navigation, which was a really strange experience.

There is another small fly in the ointment too. Well, for those who don’t live in the UK anyway. You have to actually reside there and sign up for a free iPlayer account.

Visit BBC iPlayer

3. LMI Sports

To be honest this site gave me very mixed feelings. At first it looked like a legit sports site and then when I inspected the text, it felt more like SEO spam instead. Then I realized there really isn’t any rugger going at at this time so I dug a bit further.

LMI Sports really does do some live streams and in fact is an offshoot from a number of reddit threads. The site streams a number of campaigns including SIx Nations and Super Rugby. It’s free and no account is needed.

However, it appears that only live streams are broadcast, so bookmark the site and take note of your dates to come back here later.

Visit LMI Sports

4. YouTube Live Rugby

For those of you who live in the free world and can access YouTube but don’t want to pay to watch live rugby – you can, in a pinch. There are a number of live streaming channels on YouTube that actually let you watch a few games live.

This is mostly a hit-or-miss kind of thing though and don’t expect the programming that most professional sports channels have in place. Games are also more limited and chances are you will only find junior leagues or the Women’s Cup.

All you need for this is YouTube access and some determination and patience. If you can’t access even YouTube, then you might have bigger problems than looking for Rugby shows though.

Visit YouTube Live Rugby

5. 9now

Australians also have a free rugby streaming option and that comes in the form of Channel 9, or 9now. Watch live streams of the Ruby League and a few others when they’re in season. In fact, rugger isn’t the only thing you can watch on 9now.

With a free account and residency in Australia, you can watch a heck of a lot of sports and other shows as well. For those willing to pay, on demand content is also available. Do keep in mind though that the rugby is a little more limited here than dedicated sports channels.

For example, they only stream three matches per round in addition to the big finale. If you want more, you’ll have to opt for something more premium I’m afraid.

Visit 9now

Conclusion: Access All Live Streaming Rugby Channels Anytime

As you can see, many options are limited to certain broadcasting areas. The channels pay limited fees for the right to broadcast so they have to restrict their audience a little.

Don’t worry though, there is a simple solution.

All you need to do is sign up for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These nifty apps help spoof your location, so you can sign up for all these channels no matter where you are. The process is quick:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service provider
  2. Install their app on your device
  3. Launch it and connect to your country of choice
  4. Run your browser like usual and you get access to live rugby!

Don’t delay, get your rugby fix today for free!