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Best VPN Services for Gaming

For a complete protection and best Gaming experience, you need to VPN-enable all your devices. In this guide – we highlight five best Gaming VPNs for your considerations..

Gamers, level up your play with the right VPN! In the gaming world, speed, reliability, and security are key. Our guide today delves into over 100 VPN services, ranking them based on their performance in the gaming arena. We focus on aspects like low latency, server locations, and DDoS protection, essential for an optimal gaming experience.

The best VPN for hardcore gamers should ensure not just security but also a lag-free and fast gaming experience – enhancing your online multiplayer sessions.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - Best VPN for Gaming? Review Here

Using NordVPN for Gaming

NordVPN is one of the leading VPN providers that offers you a spectrum of privacy and performance solutions. In particular, the gaming community can benefit from NordVPN’s high-speed and low-latency services. This enhance players’ gaming experience by reducing ping times and eliminating annoying lags.

Also, NordVPN’s vast network of servers across 60 countries offers a unique advantage to gamers. It enables players to bypass regional restrictions imposed by certain games and experience global releases ahead of local launch times. This translates to an unrestricted access to literally any game, anywhere in the world.

Lastly, NordVPN’s ability to provide a dedicated IP address ensures a smoother gaming experience. This feature proves invaluable in avoiding common VPN gaming issues like blocked or throttied bandwidth by ISPs. Regardless of whether you’re a novice gamer, o are an advanced user, NordVPN equips you with the resources and tools to enhance your gaming experience whilst maintaining a surefire protection layer over your internet connection.

Our Take: What Makes NordVPN Right for Gaming?

Gamers will benefit from NordVPN primarily due to its fast speeds and low latency. It offers the best value by balancing those with reasonable prices. Oh, and you also get ad blocking.

Our NordVPN Rating:
83.5% (Full Review)

NordVPN Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, and SSTP
Simultaneous Connections1 Devices
Servers5000 servers in 59 countries
Unblock Streaming-
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$2.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit NordVPN Online

2. Surfshark

Surfshark - Best VPN for Gaming? Review Here

Using Surfshark for Gaming

From reducing latency and increasing connection speeds, to outsmarting geo-restrictions and ensuring secure online gaming sessions, Surfshark serves as a key asset in the realm of gaming. It also focuses on maintaining user privacy, preventing DDoS attacks, and avoiding ISP throttling. Surfshark is indeed a one-stop solution for gamers, fulfilling their need for speed, security, and unrestricted access.

Our Take: What Makes Surfshark Right for Gaming?

Surfshark’s standout feature is its unlimited simultaneous connections. That makes it possible for you and many friends to game together from one location at a low price.

Our Surfshark Rating:
68.1% (Full Review)

Surfshark Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsIKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3200 servers in 100 countries
Unblock StreamingNetflix
Customer SupportEmail
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Surfshark Online

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Best VPN for Gaming? Review Here

Using ExpressVPN for Gaming

For gamers, ExpressVPN is a significant tool to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience. It operates by routing the user’s internet traffic through a server in a location of their choice, which can substantially reduce lag and latency during gaming sessions. Moreover, by utilising ExpressVPN, gamers can participate in regional gaming tournaments not typically available in their original location, allowing them to have a versatile gaming experience.

Moreover, ExpressVPN helps protect gamers from DDoS attacks that are a common menace in the gaming industry. These attacks can slow down your gaming speed or entirely knock you off from your gaming session, thereby disrupting your gaming experience. Additionally, ExpressVPN provides its users with a split tunnelling feature that lets you route a part of your internet traffic through VPN while keeping the rest on your standard network, further enhancing gaming performance.

Our Take: What Makes ExpressVPN Right for Gaming?

When money is no object, then ExpressVPN is your boy. The claim to fame here is fast, stable performance across almost all its servers. Never again will you get killed by the lag beast.

Our ExpressVPN Rating:
77.9% (Full Review)

ExpressVPN Key Facts

JurisdictionBritish Virgin Islands
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, WireGuard, SSTP, and SoftEther
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3000 servers in 94 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, and Netflix
Customer SupportLive chat
Cheapest Price$6.67/mo over 15-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit ExpressVPN Online

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Best VPN for Gaming? Review Here

Using CyberGhost for Gaming

CyberGhost is a top-rated Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that prioritizes internet privacy, security, and unrestricted access to your favourite online activities. With an advanced network infrastructure, it offers unmatched speed and reliable connectivity, making it a highly relevant solution for gamers. Gamers can benefit from CyberGhost’s ability to bypass geo-restrictions, offering access to gaming servers worldwide, reducing latency, and enhancing the multiplayer gaming experience. Furthermore, CyberGhost’s robust security infrastructure uses high encryption standards that protect user data from potential hackers, safeguarding their in-game purchases and personal information. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, CyberGhost equips you with the tools to enjoy gaming unrestricted, while securing your online profile.

Our Take: What Makes CyberGhost Right for Gaming?

One of the few VPNs that offer gaming-optimized servers is CyberGhost. These are tailor-made to provide low-latency connections, something you’ll need for real-time showdowns.

Our CyberGhost Rating:
84.4% (Full Review)

CyberGhost Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec
Simultaneous Connections3 Devices
Servers9769 servers in 90 countries
Unblock StreamingDisney+, Netflix, and HBO
Customer SupportLive chat (not working), and Submit ticket
Cheapest Price$2.03/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit CyberGhost Online

5. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN - Best VPN for Gaming? Review Here

Atlas VPN is a powerful tool designed with the modern user’s needs in mind. It offers the advantage of private and secure web browsing while providing a variety of key features catering to different interests, including those of gamers. From unlocking geo-restricted content to improving online gaming speeds, Atlas VPN is a reliable resource that supports your virtual gaming world.

One major concern for gamers is latency issues which can seriously affect the quality of gameplay. Atlas VPN comes in to help solve this problem. It does this by optimizing the route your internet connection takes to the game’s server, which can reduce lag and improve ping times. This means you can play your favorite games smoothly, without worrying about network interruptions or sudden jumps in ping that put you at a disadvantage.

Another crucial aspect that Atlas VPN addresses is security. While gaming, users can become targets for DDoS attacks, having their personal information and IP address exposed to potential threats. With Atlas VPN, your IP address is hidden and your data is encrypted, ensuring that your information is safe from any cyber threats. So you can focus on your game strategies, knowing that you’re safeguarded by a sturdy virtual wall. Atlas VPN is therefore more than just an ordinary VPN service; for gamers, it’s an essential shield and aide in the global gaming arena.

Atlas VPN offers decent speeds and a straightforward interface, making it an excellent budget-friendly option for gaming. Its barebones approach means fewer tweaks are necessary.

Our Atlas VPN Rating:
60.5% (Full Review)

Atlas VPN Key Facts

JurisdictionUnited States
EncryptionAES-256, and ChaCha20
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers1000 servers in 42 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$1.70/mo over 36-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Atlas VPN Online

Why do I Need a Gaming VPN?

VPNs can offer you access to a broader range of game servers, potentially reducing lag. You can also avoid ISP throttling for a more consistent gaming experience.
VPNs empower you with the capability to access an expanded range of game servers. This potential enlargement significantly reduces lag, thereby smoothing your gaming experience. In addition, you can overcome the annoying issue of ISP throttling. This means that your online gaming will not be subject to speed constraints or sudden internet cut-offs. Thus, a VPN can increase not only the stability and reliability but also the speed of your online gaming adventures. It creates an even and consistent gaming experience which every ardent gamer craves. Remember, choosing a VPN with high-speed servers, an absence of bandwidth limits, and low ping rates will directly enhance the quality of your gaming sessions. Make sure to explore these aspects while choosing your VPN for a superior gaming experience.

Will a VPN increase my ping?

If your ISP is throttling your gaming traffic, a VPN can help you bypass these restrictions. Connecting to a nearby VPN server can reduce latency and improve ping times.
A VPN accomplishes this by re-routing your system’s data traffic through a server located internationally, potentially in a place where gaming traffic is not restricted. All your data is encrypted, making it invisible to your ISP and thereby circumventing their ability to throttle your gaming speed. Keep in mind, the proximity of the VPN server can greatly affect your gaming experience. A nearby server can optimize your connection speed, reducing latency and improving your ping time.

Therefore, choosing a VPN with a wide range of server locations offers more options to ensure smooth gaming. However, be mindful that this solution is only effective if the VPN provider offers sufficient speed to handle gaming traffic. Always check the provider’s traffic policy and server speed before subscribing.


In conclusion, selecting the right VPN service can significantly enhance your gaming experience. This guide provides a comprehensive comparison to make an informed decision. Hence, choose carefully and game on!