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HideandSeek.online is a research-based online publication that helps readers to protect themselves better and do more online.

There are laws against the invasion of privacy in the real world, yet once things shift to cyberspace, it’s like the Wild West.

We all expect cybercriminals trying to steal our data. The governments, who’s suppose to protect its people, feel that it’s equally their right to know every detail of what each of us does online. And don’t get us started on companies.

So here’s what we do on this website:


The digital world is sometimes complicated, but it shouldn’t have to be.

We condense the complex and technical into readable content.

Our ultimate goal is to help you realize the dangers of cyberspace, so you know what to do or avoid. We want you to know that you can’t trust anyone, especially not companies like Google or Facebook, who earn money by using our data.

We write on:

And more.

Assess & Recommend

Protecting our digital privacy is more than just about changing the way we behave online. 

We assess a wide range of tools, from Virtual Private Networks to privacy-focused web browsers.

These tools may be free or cost a subscription fee, but our most crucial concern is whether or not they are safe to use and do what they claim. If so, we have no hesitation to wholeheartedly recommend them as “must use” assets for a safer online experience.

We review and critically analyze:

We are one of you

HideandSeek.online is founded by a group of ordinary tech-loving friends who wishes to protect our digital rights.

Learn, Experiment, And Share With Us

Without proper and sound digital privacy measures, Internet users will continue to be impacted by everything from spam to identity theft. Together, we can work towards making cyberspace a more private and secure space for education and recreation.

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