WannaFlix VPN Review

WannaFlix offers niche protocols that allow them to work in China. Since the company falls under Hong Kong Jrudsiction, you need to consider how they log your data. Read our WannaFlix review to learn more or click here to visit them online.

About WannaFlix VPN

WannaFlix is a Hong Kong-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) service operated by Top Positive Solution Limited. While that jurisdiction is typically enough to keep me away, they also have some unique features that make it slightly more interesting.

One of the main highlights here seems to be the ability to bypass the Great Firewall of China, a stumbling block that those in Hong Kong will eventually face. As such, I see this service provider as relatively niche.

Quick Facts

HeadquarterHong Kong SAR, China
PriceFrom $6.99/mo
Number of ServersUnknown
Device CompatibilityWindows, macOS, Android, iOS

Features Highlights

Privacy and Security

To be honest, being based in Hong Kong isn’t ideal for a VPN service. That, coupled with little information about data handling (except the typically “no logs” claim), makes me wary of WannaFlix regarding privacy and security.

However, they include many exciting protocols like Shadowsocks and Xray, which you won’t typically find in a VPN service. If you need to use a VPN in China or Hong Kong, these are precisely the ones you need.

Streaming Media With WannaFlix

WannaFlix gives access to a handful of international servers – limited but with an excellent strategic spread. It also provides SmartDNS to stream on a TV without installing a VPN app specifically for the purpose.

The only real problem I see in this area is the amount of juggling you may have to do to achieve various things. Streaming, bypassing geo-blocks, or web browsing, are all handled differently depending on which protocol you choose.


Given the complexity of WannaFlix protocols, thankfully they offer a comprehensive guide and troubleshooting section. It’s enough for most users to educate themselves enough to make a good choice for various activities.

Customer support is via a ticketing system which is a step up from a simple email address. There’s no live chat service, though.


WannaFlix prices start from a low of $6.99/mo. That’s a little on the high side for an average VPN, but you need to take this in context. There aren’t many VPN brands left that target the China market and offer the tools required to work there successfully.

If that doesn’t describe you, there are other cheaper VPN alternatives to try out that cost much less. It’s nearly double the price of NordVPN, for example, and almost triple that of Surfshark, both of which are potent brands.

Pros & Cons of WannaFlix VPN

Pros of WannaFlix VPN

  • Works in China
  • Offers niche protocols
  • Capable of media streaming
  • Offers dedicated torrent servers

Cons of WannaFlix VPN

  • Falls under Hong Kong Jurisdiction
  • Slightly pricey

Conclusion: Perhaps the Last China VPN Bastion

Much as I still balk at the price, I have to admit that WannaFlix is positioned in an ideal spot to command that price. Despite a limited network, it has a good mix of features that will keep users happy enough. You only need to ask yourself if you trust how they log (or don’t log) data.

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