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Best VPN for Turkey: Unblock Websites & Apps in Turkey

The quest for online privacy and unrestricted browsing in Turkey hinges on the right VPN choice. In this article – we spotlight the best VPNs that stand out in offering stellar performance and ironclad security for the region’s unique digital environment.

Best VPN for Turkey

Turkey, a country situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is known for its rich cultural heritage, amazing cuisine, and attractive tourist destinations. With its vast population and a diverse mix of traditions coming from both East and West, it offers a unique setting for global networking, digital connections, and technological advancements. Despite the increased number of internet users, there are hundreds of websites and services that are blocked in Turkey due to its strict regulations.

Using VPN in Turkey

The Turkish government has consistently tightened the noose on online privacy and internet freedom. Online censorship in Turkey is highly prevalent with the government controlling what information the populace can access online. This has led to the increasing use of VPNs by Turkish citizens and visitors alike to bypass these restrictions. Internet users in Turkey turn to VPNs to regain their online freedom, maintain privacy, and keep their data safe from government surveillance.

The best VPN services for Turkey should be user-friendly with robust security features. They should have a multitude of servers all over the world to ensure reliable performance, while also providing users with the ability to bypass geolocation restrictions. Data encryption should be top-notch, making it virtually impossible for governments to infringe on users’ privacy. Lastly, they should uphold a no-logs policy to ensure user data won’t fall into the wrong hands even if the service provider is pressured to reveal their customer’s information.

1. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN - Best VPN for Turkey? Review Here

About Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN, a top-tier Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider, is designed with pure dedication to provide seamless, secure, and private internet navigation. It delivers robust data protection and online privacy, shielding your digital presence from cyber threats and prying eyes, ensuring you can browse the internet without fear. This feature is especially beneficial to users in Turkey, where digital surveillance and restrictions on websites are commonplace. Atlas VPN gives you the freedom to surf the web openly and safely, disguising your online activities from ISPs and governments alike, while also bypassing geographic content restrictions.

Furthermore, Atlas VPN offers advanced security features such as DNS leak prevention and a strict no-logs policy. These features ensure that your online activities and personal data are never exposed or recorded, offering yet another layer of privacy and protection. With its world-class encryption technology, Atlas VPN provides users in Turkey and worldwide with a safe passage to access the internet. Additionally, the provider offers a myriad of global servers, allowing for safe and seamless content access regardless of where you are located. Atlas VPN aims to level the online playing field by making the internet accessible and safe for everyone, across borders and geopolitical divides.

Our Take: What Makes Atlas VPN Right for Turkey?

Free is a good start, and that’s where Atlas VPN steps in. Unlike its freemium colleagues, this brand allows seamless upgrades to affordable plans, ideal for the average Turkish economy.

Our Atlas VPN Rating:
60.5% (Full Review)

Atlas VPN Key Facts

JurisdictionUnited States
EncryptionAES-256, and ChaCha20
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, and WireGuard
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers1000 servers in 42 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$1.70/mo over 36-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Atlas VPN Online

2. PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN - Best VPN for Turkey? Review Here

About PrivadoVPN

PrivadoVPN is a powerful digital tool that enables secure, encrypted connections to the internet, ensuring your online activities remain private and protected. This robust Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider offers a comprehensive service designed for users in every part of the globe, including Turkey. PrivadoVPN’s strong emphasis on privacy, a vast number of server locations, and lightning-fast connection speeds make it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses alike.

In the Turkish context, PrivadoVPN comes into its own by ensuring safe, unfettered access to the global internet, protecting your data from potential surveillance, and delivering high-quality streaming performance. Users in Turkey, where there has been a history of internet restrictions, will find that PrivadoVPN offers them the freedom to navigate the digital landscape with complete confidence. Its ease of use, advanced security protocols, and versatile device compatibility underscore its efficacy as a secure, dependable, and versatile VPN solution.

Our Take: What Makes PrivadoVPN Right for Turkey?

Another freemium brand, PrivadoVPN, lets you have an extended trial before you upgrade. It’s another that offers reasonably priced premium plans that rival most others.

Our PrivadoVPN Rating:
67.3% (Full Review)

PrivadoVPN Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsWireGuard
Simultaneous Connections5 Devices
Servers322 servers in 44 countries
Unblock StreamingHBO
Customer SupportEmail
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit PrivadoVPN Online

3. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Best VPN for Turkey? Review Here

About CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a renowned VPN provider recognized for its vast worldwide server network and robust data encryption capabilities. It is particularly indispensable for users in Turkey, considering internet restrictions and privacy concerns prevalent in the area. This reliable VPN works seamlessly to bypass internet censorship, provide unrestricted access to numerous international websites, and protect users’ online privacy and freedom. Various features such as automatic kill switch, DNS and IP leak protection, and 256-bit AES encryption ensure a safe and secure browsing experience.

For Turkish users, CyberGhost’s features can help maneuver around the nation’s stringent internet censorship. Its global server network gives users the opportunity to virtually reside in other countries, enabling access to websites and services not generally available within Turkey. Plus, CyberGhost’s commitment to maintaining no logs supports the anonymity of users, a critical factor for individuals conscious about online privacy. Its intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for individuals of all technical levels to utilize, creating a seamless experience for maintaining online privacy and freedom.

Our Take: What Makes CyberGhost Right for Turkey?

If price is secondary to accessibility, CyberGhost comes out ace. Its nearly 10,000 servers worldwide are unprecedented, especially at fantastic prices.

Our CyberGhost Rating:
84.4% (Full Review)

CyberGhost Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec
Simultaneous Connections3 Devices
Servers9769 servers in 90 countries
Unblock StreamingDisney+, Netflix, and HBO
Customer SupportLive chat (not working), and Submit ticket
Cheapest Price$2.03/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit CyberGhost Online

4. Surfshark

Surfshark - Best VPN for Turkey? Review Here

About Surfshark

Surfshark is a virtual private network (VPN) service that operates on a global scale, offering users improved online security, heightened privacy, and unadulterated access to internet content. For users in Turkey, where web censorship and online privacy issues may be of particular concern, Surfshark provides a solution by creating a secure and private network over a public internet connection. This digital protective service encrypts users’ data, making it unreadable to potential online threats, securing all digital communication, and guaranteeing untracked browsing history.

Furthermore, Surfshark presents the key feature of bypassing geo-restrictions, significantly relevant for Turkish users. This feature allows individuals to access content that might otherwise be unavailable due to their geographic location. With servers across the globe, users can appear to be browsing the web from any of these locations. This advantage can unlock a wealth of new e-content, from global streaming services to other forms of media and resources. Beyond these benefits, Surfshark remains commendably user-friendly, making it an accessible and efficient tool for Turkish users, looking either for greater online freedom or heightened internet security.

Our Take: What Makes Surfshark Right for Turkey?

For the best balance of performance, reliability, and privacy, Surfshark is an excellent all-around. There is much to like if you’re willing to pay the reasonable prices it offers.

Our Surfshark Rating:
68.1% (Full Review)

Surfshark Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsIKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3200 servers in 100 countries
Unblock StreamingNetflix
Customer SupportEmail
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Surfshark Online

5. FastestVPN

FastestVPN - Best VPN for Turkey? Review Here

FastestVPN is a comprehensive service provider specializing in the digital security landscape, offering robust online privacy solutions with its high-quality virtual private network (VPN) offerings. For users in Turkey, this means a highly secure platform that prioritizes data privacy and provides unrestricted internet access, a critical necessity considering Turkey’s internet landscape has had prevalent censorship issues in the past. Not only does FastestVPN offers advanced encryption methods to secure users’ data, but its global network includes privacy-friendly jurisdictions to ensure your online freedom.

In Turkey, accessing geographically restricted content from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or international news sites can be a solid challenge. FastestVPN prides itself on bypassing such restrictions and giving users uninterrupted access to their favorite global streaming platforms. Coupled with unlimited bandwidth, this VPN service ensures a smooth viewing experience. It also boasts protocols that help maximize speed, effectively complementing your overall internet browsing and streaming activities. It’s essential to stay connected to the world beyond geographic boundaries, and FastestVPN is here to bridge that gap.

FastestVPN offers rock-bottom prices, but despite that, it fronts a decent service. Grab their lifetime deal for a one-time, flat fee if that’s your chief consideration.

Our FastestVPN Rating:
85.0% (Full Review)

FastestVPN Key Facts

JurisdictionCayman Islands
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, and OpenVPN
Simultaneous Connections1 Devices
Servers550 servers in 35 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO
Customer SupportLive chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$1.66/mo over 12-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit FastestVPN Online

How to Choose a Turkey VPN?

When choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for a specific nation like Turkey, prioritize providers that offer servers located within that country (or nearby regions) to ensure optimal connection speeds. Additionally, consider local internet censorship laws and digital surveillance practices. A good VPN should offer strong encryption and a strict no-log policy.

Also, it is vital to read user reviews and independent audits to gauge the VPN’s reliability and efficacy in the country. Evaluate the provider’s customer support – as responsive assistance can be invaluable when facing connectivity or regional-specific issues.

Why Do You Need a VPN in Turkey?

Turkey may be a member of NATO, but it’s nowhere near most of its allies in digital rights. You need a VPN to speak openly online, but ensure you don’t inadvertently identify yourself.

In Turkey, the regulatory landscape concerning privacy and digital rights is complex and ever-changing. The government has been known to impose strict Internet censorship policies, restricting access to various websites, social media platforms, and other digital resources. This situation makes it imperative for everyone seeking uninhibited, anonymous access to the Internet to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs encrypt your Internet connection, ensuring that your online activities remain private and secure from prying eyes.

Furthermore, using a VPN can help you circumvent content restrictions put in place based on geographical location. This is particularly useful for people who wish to access information, services, or platforms restricted in Turkey, such as certain news websites, streaming services, and social media sites. Thus, a VPN doesn’t just provide anonymity, it broadens your digital horizon, offering access to an unconfined world of information. However, when making use of this technology, it is crucial to be careful not to disclose any information that might reveal your identity inadvertently.

Websites and Applications Banned in Turkey?

Websites and applications banned in Iran include: Wikipedia (though it was unbanned in 2020), Pro-Kurdish news sites like JinNews, critical news outlets like Bianet, and certain VPN sites.

Turkey frequently blocks or restricts access to sites that are perceived to challenge the government’s narrative, especially those that report on Kurdish issues or are critical of the Erdogan administration.

Can I Legally Use a VPN in Turkey?

VPN use is legal in Turkey – for the moment. The country has taken steps to stop anonymous net access in late 2022, but no legislation outright banning them has yet materialized.


In sum, navigating the internet in Turkey poses quite a challenge due to the government’s strict regulations and censorship policies. VPN services have stepped up to meet this challenge, providing an essential tool for individuals aiming to reclaim their internet freedom, privacy, and security. The top VPN providers in Turkey should offer easy-to-use applications, exceptional security features, a wide network of servers worldwide, advanced data encryption, and a strict no-logs policy. By complying with these standards, VPNs have the power to ensure an open and secure web for everyone in Turkey, keeping the digital world within reach despite governmental constraints. Leveraging this technology effectively will allow users to maintain seamless connections to the broader global network, one unrestricted click at a time.