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Best VPN for New Zealand: Affordable and Fast Streaming

The quest for online privacy and unrestricted browsing in New Zealand hinges on the right VPN choice. In this article – we spotlight the best VPNs that stand out in offering stellar performance and ironclad security for the region’s unique digital environment.

Best VPN for New Zealand

New Zealand, a picturesque country in the Pacific Ocean, is known for its stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and advanced infrastructure. It boasts a population that is highly connected, with an Internet penetration rate of over 89%. With a vibrant economy and a strong emphasis on technology, New Zealand is at the forefront of digital innovation and connectivity in the Pacific region.

Using VPN in New Zealand

Despite this highly connected society, issues of online privacy, government censorship, and VPN usage loom large, raising concerns among netizens in New Zealand. The New Zealand government has enacted laws that allow surveillance of its citizens’ online activities, causing a spike in the usage of VPNs. Furthermore, certain foreign content, while not blocked, may not be accessible in New Zealand due to geo-restrictions, hence driving citizens to use VPNs to bypass these constraints and maintain their online privacy.

The best VPN services for New Zealand should be equipped to provide fast, secure, and seamless online experience. They should prioritize user privacy, offering robust encryption protocols to protect user data from unwarranted surveillance and hacking attempts. Furthermore, they should possess reliable servers worldwide, allowing New Zealand netizens to bypass geo-restrictions efficiently. High-speed performance for hassle-free streaming and browsing is another vital feature that should characterize the best VPN services for New Zealand.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - Best VPN for New Zealand? Review Here

About NordVPN

NordVPN is a renowned Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider specializing in securing your online presence. With robust offerings, it aims to establish a truly private internet experience for individuals and businesses alike. The utility of NordVPN extends well beyond mere defence against online threats. It also facilitates access to geo-restricted websites and rich entertainment content.

In the New Zealand context, NordVPN offers several advantages to users. One feature is alleviating concerns about data security and privacy. It provides military-grade encryption and stringent no-logs policy ensuring that users’ online actions remain confidential. The service also supports New Zealanders’ appetite for global content. With NordVPN, you can bypass geographic blocks for services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It’s a tool that permits access to more of the world’s digital sphere.

Our Take: What Makes NordVPN Right for New Zealand?

One of the brands we love, NordVPN, is fast, secure, and zero-logs audited. In context, it is also fairly reliable, and the excellent breadth of services makes it a worthwhile investment.

Our NordVPN Rating:
83.5% (Full Review)

NordVPN Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, and SSTP
Simultaneous Connections1 Devices
Servers5000 servers in 59 countries
Unblock Streaming-
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$2.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit NordVPN Online

2. Surfshark

Surfshark - Best VPN for New Zealand? Review Here

About Surfshark

Surfshark is a fast-growing Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider with a special emphasis on providing a secure and private internet connection. Suitable for users in New Zealand, it offers a wide array of servers located around the globe. One of the foremost goals is protecting your online privacy, ensuring your confidential information remains hidden and inaccessible to any snooping eyes.

Surfshark’s servers have excellent connectivity, offering fast and reliable connections. For users in New Zealand, this means minimal loss of speed when connected to the VPN, allowing for smooth internet browsing or streaming experience. Alongside its server prowess, Surfshark also excels in supporting different devices and platforms. It is designed in such a manner that is compatible with a plethora of devices including smartphones, desktop computers, or even smart TVs.

What’s more, Surfshark takes a strong stance on user privacy and data protection. For our New Zealand users’ peace of mind, the VPN provider follows a strict “no logs” policy, meaning your browsing history and online activities will never be recorded or stored. It uses top-tier encryption technology for an additional layer of security, making it nearly impossible for hackers or illicit parties to access or decipher your data.

Our Take: What Makes Surfshark Right for New Zealand?

For those seeking a NordVPN-like option at lower prices, Surfshark is your best bet in New Zealand. It offers speedy access and a decent number of servers at nominal prices.

Our Surfshark Rating:
68.1% (Full Review)

Surfshark Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsIKEv2, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3200 servers in 100 countries
Unblock StreamingNetflix
Customer SupportEmail
Cheapest Price$1.99/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Surfshark Online

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Best VPN for New Zealand? Review Here

About ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the leading services in the Virtual Private Network industry, recognized globally for its high-speed connectivity, robust security measures, and user-friendly interface. It is designed to give users the ability to navigate the internet securely and freely, offering an array of services compatible with various operating systems including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Its extensive network, that spans across 94 countries, is of particular interest to users; especially in New Zealand.

In New Zealand, like many other countries, internet users are seeking ways to maintain their online privacy, ensure the security of their data, and access geographically restricted content. ExpressVPN notably addresses these pain points with their advanced technology. It guarantees a secure and anonymous browsing experience using a high-grade encryption technique, others often fail to provide. This allows Kiwi users the liberty to connect to public Wi-Fi networks without the fear of their sensitive information being intercepted.

It also provides flexibility, particularly beneficial for users in New Zealand, in accessing international content that may otherwise be blocked. ExpressVPN achieves this with its large network of servers located worldwide. By connecting to a server in a specific country, users can effectively “relocate” their digital presence to that country, enabling them to bypass geoblocks and access content as if they were physically present there. This proves to be a valuable feature for consuming media or accessing services not typically available in New Zealand.

Our Take: What Makes ExpressVPN Right for New Zealand?

We like ExpressVPN’s speed consistency, regardless of your chosen server. It’s also zero-log audited, but the steep pricing makes some users hesitant.

Our ExpressVPN Rating:
77.9% (Full Review)

ExpressVPN Key Facts

JurisdictionBritish Virgin Islands
Connection ProtocolsIKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP, WireGuard, SSTP, and SoftEther
Simultaneous ConnectionsUnlimited Devices
Servers3000 servers in 94 countries
Unblock StreamingAmazon Prime Video, and Netflix
Customer SupportLive chat
Cheapest Price$6.67/mo over 15-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit ExpressVPN Online

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Best VPN for New Zealand? Review Here

About CyberGhost

CyberGhost is a notable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider that offers high-quality security, privacy, and freedom for users around the globe. With CyberGhost, users in New Zealand can access the internet securely and privately. It delivers a secure environment for online activities by encrypting your internet connection and anonymizing your IP address. This guarantees protection from unwanted prying eyes, whether that be internet service providers, hackers, or government agencies.

There’s more to CyberGhost than merely solid protection. It provides an unrestricted virtual environment. For New Zealand users, this means you can bypass geo-blocks and internet censorship. This ability grants you access to a wide range of content typically unavailable in your region like streaming services, news outlets, and social media platforms from around the world.

Lastly, with CyberGhost, speed and ease-of-use are not compromised. It facilitates a smooth user experience and maintains high-speed connections, critical for streaming, gaming, and large data transfers. Its interface is user-friendly, making the service easy to navigate even for less technologically savvy users. CyberGhost caters to novices and experienced users alike, providing a comprehensive toolset to meet everyone’s unique needs.

Our Take: What Makes CyberGhost Right for New Zealand?

CyberGhost offers excellent worldwide access to low prices if you’re price-sensitive. The service quality is generally good despite some servers struggling with performance issues.

Our CyberGhost Rating:
84.4% (Full Review)

CyberGhost Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec
Simultaneous Connections3 Devices
Servers9769 servers in 90 countries
Unblock StreamingDisney+, Netflix, and HBO
Customer SupportLive chat (not working), and Submit ticket
Cheapest Price$2.03/mo over 24-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit CyberGhost Online

5. Proton VPN

Proton VPN - Best VPN for New Zealand? Review Here

Introduction to Proton VPN: A Web of Security and Convenience.

Proton VPN is a forward-thinking Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider that distinguishes itself with a robust security suite designed to ensure its users remain protected in the expanding online world. While prioritising privacy and security, it does not compromise on speed or streamlining, providing lightning-quick browsing experience. For New Zealand users, Proton VPN offers tailored, strategically located servers that will ensure a fast and secure internet experience.

Their robust global network is a hallmark of Proton VPN service. From New Zealand, users get access to worldwide servers, allowing them to bypass geo-restrictions with ease. They can access content from all over the world, safely and discretely, thus enabling them to enjoy digital freedom and availability of international information.

A unique strength of Proton VPN is its commitment to user anonymity. The company is based in Switzerland, a location known for stringent privacy laws. This geographical advantage, combined with the service’s strict no-logs policy, is a testament to Proton VPN’s dedication to preserving user privacy in New Zealand and beyond. To sum up, Proton VPN serves as your reliable security shield in the digital space, allowing you to explore the web freely and securely.

Neither here nor there in terms of performance or price on this list, Proton VPN brings Swiss levels of privacy to New Zealand. Well, if you’re a fan of that kind of thing.

Our Proton VPN Rating:
80.8% (Full Review)

Proton VPN Key Facts

Connection ProtocolsOpenVPN, WireGuard, and IKEv2/IPSec
Simultaneous Connections5 Devices
Servers2970 servers in 68 countries
Unblock StreamingDisney+, Netflix, and HBO
Customer Support24/7 Live Chat, and Email
Cheapest Price$3.99/mo over 30-month subscription

To Subscribe or Learn More: Visit Proton VPN Online

How to Choose a New Zealand VPN?

When choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for a specific nation like New Zealand, prioritize providers that offer servers located within that country (or nearby regions) to ensure optimal connection speeds. Additionally, consider local internet censorship laws and digital surveillance practices. A good VPN should offer strong encryption and a strict no-log policy.

Also, it is vital to read user reviews and independent audits to gauge the VPN’s reliability and efficacy in the country. Evaluate the provider’s customer support – as responsive assistance can be invaluable when facing connectivity or regional-specific issues.

Why Do You Need a VPN in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a member of the Five Eyes alliance that shares digital information with a few key countries. That alone would give me the heebie-jeebies if I did not use a VPN in the country.

Indeed, the presence of New Zealand in the Five Eyes alliance has significant implications for digital privacy. The alliance, which includes Australia, Canada, UK, and US, is known for its rigorous data surveillance and exchange across member countries. These practices can pose considerable concerns for individuals and corporations who give high importance to digital privacy, especially for sensitive and proprietary information. Thus, the usage of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) becomes particularly essential in such situations. A VPN masks your original IP address, encrypts the data in transit, and provides an effective cloaking mechanism against potential digital surveillance. It provides an essential security layer in our increasingly interconnected world, ensuring the maintenance of privacy and protection of critical information. Particularly in New Zealand, the use of a VPN not only secures digital privacy but also channels data away from prying eyes of the Five Eyes alliance members. Hence, it acts as an essential tool for internet users in the country striving for a secure and private digital environment.

Can I Legally Use a VPN in New Zealand?

As with most Western countries, using a VPN is legal. The caveat is that you don’t do anything illegal while using a VPN. We highly recommend finding a zero-logs service provider.


In conclusion, VPN services play a crucial role in New Zealand’s digitally advanced society. They provide citizens with the ability to maintain their online privacy, dodge unwarranted surveillance, and access a broader range of content worldwide. As such, selecting a VPN service with stringent encryption protocols, a network of dependable servers worldwide, and fast performance should be a top priority for all netizens in New Zealand.