Our VPN Reviews

Our VPN reviews are data-driven and cover diverse user needs. We delve deeply into each VPN service, scrutinizing aspects such as privacy, customer feedback, pricing, and usability to provide well-rounded insights. Also - we are NOT affiliated to any of the VPN companies listed on this website.

VPN NameJurisdictionStarting PriceOur Ratings
AcevpnUnited States$3.89/mo @ 36-month subscription
AdGuard VPNCyprus$1.80/mo @ 24-month subscription
AirVPNItaly$1.96/mo @ 36-month subscription
Anonine VPNSeychelles$3.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
AstrillSeychelles$8.29/mo @ 24-month subscription
Atlas VPNUnited States$1.70/mo @ 36-month subscription
Avast SecureLine VPNCzech Republic$4.39/mo @ 24-month subscription
AVG Secure VPNCzech Republic$4.39/mo @ 24-month subscription
Avira Phantom VPNGermany$3.63/mo @ 12-month subscription
AzireVPNSweden$5.47/mo @ 12-month subscription
Banana VPNCyprus$4.17/mo @ 12-month subscription
BeetVPNHong Kong$2.99/mo @ 6-month subscription
BetternetUnited States$7.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
Bitdefender VPNRomania$2.92/mo @ 12-month subscription
BlufVPNEstonia$2.00/mo @ 36-month subscription
BolehVPNMalaysia$6.67/mo @ 12-month subscription
BulletVPNEstonia$2.49/mo @ 36-month subscription
CactusVPNMoldova$3.95/mo @ 24-month subscription
ClearVPNUkraine$3.50/mo @ 6-month subscription
CyberGhostRomania$2.03/mo @ 24-month subscription
DotVPNHong Kong$2.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
ExpressVPNBritish Virgin Islands$6.67/mo @ 15-month subscription
F-Secure Freedome VPNFinland$1.75/mo @ 12-month subscription
FastestVPNCayman Islands$1.66/mo @ 12-month subscription
FlowVPNUnited Kingdom$4.17/mo @ 12-month subscription
GetflixAustralia$2.29/mo @ 24-month subscription
GnuVPNPortugal$6.00/mo @ 12-month subscription
GOOSE VPNNetherlands$4.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
GoTrustedUnited States$3.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
hide.me VPNMalaysia$2.22/mo @ 27-month subscription
HideMyAssUnited Kingdom$2.99/mo @ 36-month subscription
Hola VPNIsrael$1.49/mo @ 36-month subscription
Hotbot VPNSeychelles$4.87/mo @ 12-month subscription
Hotspot ShieldUnited States$7.99/mo @ 1-month subscription
Hoxx VPNUnited States$1.99/mo @ 1-month subscription
IpburgerUnited States$5.41/mo @ 12-month subscription
IPVanishUnited States$2.49/mo @ 24-month subscription
IronSocket VPNHong Kong$4.16/mo @ 12-month subscription
Ivacy VPNSingapore$1.00/mo @ 60-month subscription
IVPNGibraltar$3.89/mo @ 36-month subscription
Kaspersky VPN Secure ConnectionRussia$3.58/mo @ 12-month subscription
KeepSolid VPN UnlimitedUnited States$5.00/mo @ 12-month subscription
Lamnia VPNUnited Kingdom$2.99/mo @ 9-month subscription
Le VPNHong Kong$2.22/mo @ 36-month subscription
Malwarebytes Privacy VPNUnited States$3.33/mo @ 12-month subscription
McAfee Safe ConnectUnited States$3.33/mo @ 12-month subscription
Mozilla VPNUnited States$4.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
MullvadSweden$5.44/mo @ 1-month subscription
NamecheapUnited States$0.88/mo @ 1-month subscription
NordVPNPanama$2.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
Norton Secure VPNUnited States$2.50/mo @ 12-month subscription
Opera VPN ProNorway$4.00/mo @ 12-month subscription
OVPNSweden$4.44/mo @ 24-month subscription
OysterVPNIreland$2.50/mo @ 12-month subscription
Panda VPNSeychelles$2.49/mo @ 12-month subscription
Perfect PrivacySwitzerland$8.95/mo @ 24-month subscription
PIAUnited States$1.98/mo @ 36-month subscription
Planet VPNRomania$1.99/mo @ 36-month subscription
PrivadoVPNSwitzerland$1.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
PrivateVPNSweden$2.00/mo @ 36-month subscription
Proton VPNSwitzerland$3.99/mo @ 30-month subscription
PureVPNBritish Virgin Islands$1.97/mo @ 24-month subscription
RocketVPNIreland$4.17/mo @ 12-month subscription
SaturnVPNUnited States$3.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
Seed4me VPNTaiwan$2.99/mo @ 36-month subscription
SlickVPNUnited States$4/mo @ 12-month subscription
Smart DNS ProxyTurkey$2.48/mo @ 24-month subscription
Speedify VPNUnited States$4.17/mo @ 36-month subscription
SpidervpnUnited Kingdom$2.67/mo @ 36-month subscription
StrongVPNUnited States$3.97/mo @ 12-month subscription
SurfEasy VPNCanada$2.49/mo @ 12-month subscription
SurfsharkNetherlands$1.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
SwitchVPNUnited States$3.99/mo @ 12-month subscription
Symlex VPNUAE$2.08/mo @ 120-month subscription
TorGuardUnited States$5/mo @ 12-month subscription
TotalAVUnited Kingdom$3.25/mo @ 12-month subscription
Touch VPNUnited States$0.99/mo @ 36-month subscription
Trust.Zone VPNSeychelles$1.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
TunnelBearCanada$3.33/mo @ 12-month subscription
Turbo VPNSingapore$3.75/mo @ 24-month subscription
Tuxler VPNUnited States$7.99/mo @ 1-month subscription
UltraVPNPanama$1.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
Unlocator VPNDenmark$4.99/mo @ 24-month subscription
VeePNPanama$1.67/mo @ 60-month subscription
VPN Proxy MasterSingapore$3.75/mo @ 24-month subscription
VPN.ACRomania$3.75/mo @ 24-month subscription
VPNAreaBulgaria$3.21/mo @ 24-month subscription
VPNhubUnited States$3.49/mo @ 36-month subscription
VPNTunnelSeychelles$3.33/mo @ 12-month subscription
VyperVPNUnited States$5.00/mo @ 12-month subscription
Webroot VPNUnited States$3.00/mo @ 12-month subscription
Whoer VPNCyprus$3.90/mo @ 12-month subscription
WideVPNRomania$0.83/mo @ 12-month subscription
WindscribeCanada$5.75/mo @ 12-month subscription
X-VPNHong Kong$4.79/mo @ 12-month subscription
ZoogVPNGreece$1.99/mo @ 12-month subscription

Methodology: How We Rate VPN Providers?

There are several common elements that we scrutinize closely for all VPN service providers. Most of these areas will impact your experience with the VPN service and the overall effectiveness of the principle VPN usage.

Remember, regardless of what you do with them, VPNs must always have security and privacy at the forefront of their concerns.

VPN HQ Locations

You might be surprised, but the location of a VPN service potentially affects the concept of privacy. To understand this, consider a VPN service provider based in the United States. It’s a democratic country that advocates freedom; unless the government decides otherwise and intervenes.

Comparatively, locations like Panama and the British Virgin Islands have lax data retention laws and a history of non-government intervention in private businesses. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference.

VPN Server Locations

Many VPN services will boast of a massive number of servers. While that’s important, so too is the strategic spread of those servers. A service that offers a million servers based in South Africa would be impressive but relatively useless.

That’s why we note the balance of servers that VPNs offer. While most will show multiple locations, these must be well-dispersed to support users with global connection needs. At the very least, they should cover primary domains, including America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Logging and Privacy Policies

Connections to a server almost always generate log files. These can serve as tracks for anyone looking at them, allowing identification of devices, activities, and more. This capability goes against the basic tenet of VPN services.

As such, most reputable VPN providers will have a “no logging” clause to assure users of privacy on the VPN servers. However, this clause isn’t always present. In extreme cases, VPN, some providers have kept logs in violation of policy.


Although pricing doesn’t affect performance (typically), it is a concern of affordability. VPNs need to balance their price with what they offer. It’s a reason why they often sell hard on certain statistics; to prove they’re worth the price.

Since we assess them in-depth, we can see the real implications of price versus quality of service. That’s what makes our price assessment more vital than simply looking at the dollar and cent value presented to the public.

Protocols and Encryption Technology

The technical portion of VPNs doesn’t change much over extended periods. One of the most common protocols, for example, has been OpenVPN. It’s been a standard for years, but many are now adopting WireGuard, a turning point for the industry.

Our assessment of VPN considers how well the service is adapting to new technologies and the spread of options it offers customers. Meanwhile, a few service providers may try to get away with improving speed by lowering encryption levels; and we do take note of them.

User-friendliness for Various Platforms

Platform support isn’t generally a concern for mainstream devices like PCs and Macs. Yet, not all of us use them, and you can deploy a VPN on almost any platform (in theory). Allowing greater access for a non-tech-savvy user to deploy the VPN on, say Linux, can make a difference.

Meanwhile, as a while, the experience should be streamlined and we try to ensure the VPN doesn’t try to confuse users with lots of technical-sounding jargon.

Streaming Capabilities

We love Netflix and VPNs, which makes us even harder on VPN services that make false claims. Regardless of any claims made, from a personal standpoint, VPNs need to support at least a few mainstream streaming services and allow a seamless viewing experience.

Past that, it’s more of a bonus. While the focus is often on US-region content, some users want access to media libraries for other regions like Japan and Australia, which not all VPN services can access.

Torrenting Support

Traditionally, many VPN service providers frown on torrenting. It occupies a dominant portion of bandwidth and drives up their cost. To mitigate this, some VPN providers have restricted P2P to specific servers only.

While that may be fair, P2P users who sign up for the service will suffer. The question we often ask is how much this impacts the experience for torrent users for the VPN.