What Is A Dedicated IP VPN; Do You Need One?

A dedicated IP VPN allows you to get a unique, static IP address that’s exclusively for your use only. Using a dedicated IP VPN can compromise their privacy but come with their own benefits.

“Is My VPN Working?” How to Check if Your VPN is Really Functioning

Are you truly protected by your VPN and not leaving a trace online? Is your VPN working? Try running DNS, IP address, and WebRTC Leak Tests to find out. In this article we will look into each of these leaks and provide step-by-step instructions running those tests . If you happen to find that your VPN is leaking your data, then you should definitely consider using one that doesn’t.

What is Virtual Network Computing

Virtual Network Computing allows one device to remotely control another through a network. First developed in the 1990s as open source, VNC technology was later branched into several applications. Today, multiple brands of VNC exist ranging from standalone to the ones embedded as part of larger systems.

What is Split Tunneling?

Split Tunneling is an advanced feature that helps manage the flow of data on your device.

Using uTorrent with a VPN

If you are a uTorrent user, my advice to you is that you run it with a VPN. Although there's a trade off for the speed, it's better to be safe then sorry. Read on to find out how you get both uTorrent and VPN installed and why you need to do so.

Is Using VPN Legal?

It is important to understand what’s considered legal and illegal while using a VPN. Although most countries allow the use of VPN, there are a handful of governments who either regulate or outright ban VPNs. Be aware of the laws regarding VPN use in the country you are residing in.

Why VPN? What is VPN Used For

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) help protect your privacy and security. By using VPN service you can also enjoy a freer internet experience by choosing a connection location nearly anywhere around the world.