Surfshark Review

I am highly impressed with what Surfshark has to offer! Its good network coverage, speeds, and cybersecurity technologies make them one of the top VPNs on my favorites list. Even with a small hike, it remains a top value-for-money choice. Read on for our experience and speed test results with Surfshark; or click here to visit them online.

Best Free VPN Services

Free VPNs are great when you need to use them in random occasion. Be cautions when you are using free VPNs, you are actually risking your data! Still, there are decent free VPN services that cost you nothing. Here are some of the best free VPN services you can explore.

Best Zero-Log VPN Providers

How seriously committed a VPN service provider is towards privacy and security is important - and a ‘zero logging’ policy is a big part of that. Here are the five no-log VPNs that I recommend.

IPVanish Review

IPVanish offers strong torrent performance, which is good for an avid media streamer. While the decent sign-up discount is attractive, you need to be aware of the price hike on renewal. I still consider IPVanish as one of the best VPNs in the market. Read on for our experience and speed test results with IPVanish or click here to visit them online.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is an excellent choice for many reasons. It's blazing fast, trusted, and keeps up with the latest cybersecurity technologies. All of this is packaged into a highly affordable price in their 2-year subscription plan. Read our first-hand experience with NordVPN; or click here to visit them online.

ExpressVPN Review

I highly recommend ExpressVPN for those who have little patience for buggy applications and services. It’s one of the most stable VPN services I’ve encountered to date, and so far, I’ve experienced no crashes, bugs, or other annoyances. Read on for our experience and speed test results with ExpressVPN; or click here to visit them online.

Is a VPN Really Worth It?

The question of value lies more in how you use it than how much the VPN costs. In my case, I see SurfShark as the one that offers the perfect balance for my liking. The contract is a reasonable two years, it has cheap monthly rates, and it doesn’t try to get me to mortgage my home after the initial term is over. But that's just me - and VPNs are an inseparable part of my life. If you wonder is a VPN really worth paying for - read on!

What is Double VPN?

Double VPN is a more advanced security feature offered by VPN providers, that routes data through two different VPN servers.

Where are VPNs Banned? Illegal to Use VPNs in These Countries

Each country has a different stand when it comes to VPN usage. Because of that, VPNs are either totally banned or tightly regulated depending on the legal guidelines. It is a good practice to always check the country’s laws before using a VPN there. These are the countries where VPNs are illegal.

What is VPN Kill Switch?

A Kill Switch is a special mechanism that auto-disconnects your device from the Internet whenever it detects any disruptions in connection.

VPN vs Proxy: What’s the Difference?

On the surface VPNs and Proxy Servers appear to be similar. Both allow you to connect to a remote server and use it as their conduit to the web. There are however, very important fundamental differences.