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Where Can I Watch NCAA & Other College Basketball Streams for Free?

If you’re into college hoops, you’d be glad to know that premium college basketball game streams now come on more than cable streams. You can

If you’re into college hoops, you’d be glad to know that premium college basketball game streams now come on more than cable streams. You can stream your favorite NCAA Basketball Games and other college sports online. All you need is an internet-connected device and a strong internet connection. 

There are many sports streaming websites, and many of them are free. It’s a great time to consider this route since March Madness (the NCAA Basketball Championship tournament) has already kicked off. For fans, here’s a list of the streaming platforms that offer free March Madness and other NCAA sports streams.

1. NBAbox.TV

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
NBABox.TV brings you professional and NCAA basketball with a 24.7 NBA TV channel. 

NBABox.TV is a free streaming platform provider for many popular sports. They are an aggregator site. Hence, they neither create nor host the videos. The video streams are from external websites that are available freely online. 

Aside from catching up on everything NBA, WNBA, and NCAAM (college basketball) live, you watch college football, NFL, MLB, NHL, UFC, boxing, tennis, rugby, F1, golf, and others. NBABox.TV claims to broadcast 24/7 live coverage of NBA TV, a sports television network dedicated to basketball, and ESPN First Take (a sports debate show).

Maneuver through the tabs at the top menu for the sports you want. After clicking the ‘NCAAM’ tab, you will see a list of games. Click the game to access the live stream links. You’ll usually find multiple HD and SD streams available. NBABox.TV supports desktop and mobile devices. 

2. Sportsurge

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
Sportsurge exudes a more professional-looking streaming website with perks.

Like NBABox.TV, Sportsurge is also an aggregator site. Catch up on anything NCAA for free via any device. You’ll find other popular sports such as hockey, soccer, baseball, F1, MMA, cricket, and more. Also, there are less common sports, such as XFL games (professional American football minor league). 

Multiple viewing options and adjustable stream resolution give you extra flexibility. You can customize your viewing experience by selecting the commentator and commentary style. Their streams are HD-quality, and Sportsurge claims that there are no ads. As a streaming platform provider for college basketball streaming links, Sportsurge rocks. 

Head towards the NCAA tab at the top right. You’ll see a list of NCAA games available. Click the game you want to reach the list of multiple streams available. You can set up notifications for upcoming NCAA games too. 

3. SportRAR

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
SportRAR provides a clean user interface to search your NCAA games.

Being a sports directory, SportRAR certainly shines in its comprehensive listing of basketball games. SportRAR is free, but you sign up to use its chat feature. Aside from the basketball games, which include NBA and NCAA, you can stream other sports, such as football, volleyball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, handball, and more. 

Head to ‘Basketball’ and click ‘Live’. You’ll see a list of games available. When you click on any game, a game card appears with the relevant information, including the current status, scores, a probability bar on who will win, and available TV channels and stream networks. 

4. Buffstreams

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
Buffstreams offers in-app navigation features when watching NCAA basketball games.

Buffstreams is another free streaming platform for sports fans to indulge in any sport. The black background gives off a chic and sleek feel. The menu items and tabs make for easy navigation. You enjoy access to NCAA basketball games, NBA, football, F1, boxing, cricket, and more. 

Buffstreams supports both desktop and Android mobile devices. You get in-app navigation features, such as Chromecast support and sharing options to Facebook Live and Twitter Direct Message. 

Once you select the NCAA basketball game, multiple HD-quality streams will appear (the stream links appear around 60 minutes before the game starts). Click the stream you want and be prepared to encounter several pop-ups and redirects before you reach the game. No registration is necessary for Buffstreams, which is a plus point.

5. StreamEast

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
StreamEast gives easy streaming and comprehensive coverage of NCAA basketball games.

StreamEast is one of the popular free streaming sites to quench your thirst for college basketball. Not only do you enjoy quality HD live sports streaming, but you also watch sports coverage, upcoming events, and news, all for free. Other sports, such as soccer, fighting, American football, F1, hockey, baseball, cricket, and more, are available. 

Each sports category sports multiple free streams for you to choose from, thus increasing the game’s availability. Locate the NCAA tab at the top, click it, and you’ll see a list of games with the time and date mentioned. Click the game, and choose the stream. Using StreamEast is straightforward, with no registration required. 

When I couldn’t get the first link to work, I went to the next and instantly got in. The video quality is HD and crystal clear. That said, I had to go through several redirects before reaching the game; they were minimal. 

6. Stream2Watch

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
Stream2watch is another reliable NCAA games streaming provider. 

Stream2watch needs no introduction as it is a popular and free online streaming site. With Stream2watch, you get live feeds and broadcasts of televised sports events. They are another aggregator site that does not host the content. Hence, you will redirect elsewhere when streaming here. Stay vigilant, as these links can be broken or malicious. 

Get updated on sports games and leagues, including NCAA games, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, tennis, and more. The live streams are of high quality and usually are many, increasing stream availability. There is a program schedule to keep you privy to any upcoming games. 

You go to the Basketball section and peruse through the list of games available. The leagues’ games are all intermixed. As such, you’ll need to check them out one by one. 

7. FirstRowSports

Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams
Although FirstRowSports focuses on football, you’ll find the NCAA games here.

Like most, FirstRowSports is a free sports stream aggregator site. They do not host any content, and streaming will direct you elsewhere. Although this site emphasizes football, you’ll be able to find college basketball games here. Click ‘Basketball’ at the top, and the list of games will appear. Locate the game you want, click it, and then select the streaming link of your choice. 

If you encounter no games available, you may have to wait as the links are listed three to forty-five minutes before the fun begins. You do not need to register to watch the games. However, if you’re from the US or the UK, FirstRowSports does not allow access. Hence, use a VPN to bypass this geo-restriction.  

How to Watch NCAA and Other College Basketball Streams

Free streaming sites usually come with a caveat. Ranging from questionable stream quality, numerous ads, and pop-ups to risks of malware infection, you’ll have to be cautious when streaming from such sites. 

Hence, ensure you have your anti-malware and ad-blocker software on. Hackers love to embed malicious code into ads. Also, not all regions allow access to these free streaming sites. If you come across an inaccessible streaming site, don’t fret, it is not your fault. Geo-restrictions are due to the varying distribution rights in different regions.

Consider using a VPN to give you access to these geo-blocked sites. It also provides many other benefits, like data encryption, tracker blocking, etc. 

Here are the steps to get you streaming in no time:

1. Subscribe to a VPN

There are free and paid VPNs in the market. However, opt for paid ones to ensure you and your data are safe. NordVPN is a reputable and reliable VPN service. Your digital footprint must always be secure, so do not settle for less. 

2. Download the VPN app

Locate the VPN app of your platform choice (usually found on the VPN’s website). Download the app.

3. Install the VPN App

Execute the VPN app installer. Go through the on-screen step-by-step installation instructions. They are minimal, and installation should be swift. 

4. Launch the VPN and Log In

Check your email for your VPN login credentials. For security reasons, change them immediately and memorize your new login credentials. Run the VPN and log in.

5. Connect to the VPN Server

Locate the VPN server in the country with access rights. Let’s say you wish to watch an NCAA basketball game available in the UK. Search for a server in the UK and then connect to it. Connection is fast and usually within seconds.

6. Launch the Streaming Site

Head to the streaming site. Look for the NCAA basketball games. Identify the game you want and click it. Select the stream link and enjoy! Since most streaming sites are aggregators, you will redirect elsewhere when streaming. As such, the quality of the videos depends on these third-party sites. 

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to binge-watch the March Madness games or other college basketball streams for free, you’re at the right place. The above is a list of streaming sites you can explore to watch the NCAA basketball games online and for free. 

Remember to turn on your ad-blocker, anti-malware program, and VPN. You’d want a safe and smooth streaming experience for your NCAA games. 

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