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5 Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

The fact is there is a ton of Hindi media content available online and we’ve listed some of the top sites where you can watch Hindi movies online free. Don’t forget, you may need a VPN service to access geo-blocked content.

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From Saif Ali Khan to Disha Patani, established and upcoming stars have brought Hindi movies a massive global following. Thankfully you don’t have to be in India to enjoy watching the latest Hindi movies online.

Here are some of the top sites where you can steam Hindi (and other) language movies any time of the day, any day of the year;

1. Hotstar

Hotstar probably has a less than stellar reputation since it’s part of the global “copyright freaks” conglomerate. Yet you can’t deny that it offers a ton of content, has a fantastic streaming platform, and caters to a broad audience.

While licensing forces them to restrict titles based on the broadcast region, this isn’t something new. Netflix and other top media streaming companies do it as well. In addition, there’s another benefit; it helps streamline content for local audiences.

In any case, Hotstar has a ton of Hindi movies with the side benefit of having movies in almost every other language. While Hindi movies on Hotstar are a little limited if you aren’t in India, a good VPN will help you work around this restriction. Hey, it does for Netflix, so why not?

For Hindi movie fans who aren’t native speakers of the language, Hotstar supports streaming in other languages. You could very well watch your favorite Hindi movies in German – if that title supports it, of course.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that the streaming quality is incredible?

Watch Hindi Movies at Hotstar

2. MXPlayer

Interestingly enough, MXPlayer also supports movie streaming. I always thought of this as, well, a media player but experiments have proven me wrong. Their website has a plethora of movie titles in a massive number of languages and genres.

One thing I especially love about MXPlayer is the search capabilities offered by the site. You can view movie lists by genre, language, actor, or even release year. Hindi isn’t the only Indian dialect available here; you can find movies in Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, and more.

Aside from that, you can even set language preferences on the settings page, so you only get to see content in specific languages. A user-friendly watchlist and elegant interface contribute towards what can be a surprisingly pleasant experience at MXPlayer.

Like many other streaming services, MXPLayer’s Hindi movies are locked for those outside the country. Don’t worry though, run a VPN like Surfshark, hit up one of their servers in India, and stream to your heart’s content.

So if Hrithik Roshan turns you on more than Nicholas Cage, take a trip down to MXPlayer and start streaming now.

Watch Hindi Movies with MXPlayer

3. Netflix

Suppose this is your first time reading one of my articles and don’t know of my disgust with Netflix, great. That’s because I happen to be recommending Netflix as a source on Hindi movies online. That’s right; this horrible region-locked service offers much Hindi content.

Netflix also produces unique content that isn’t (typically) available elsewhere. That means you’ll need a Netflix account to watch Bombay Begums, Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, or Masaba Masaba. In addition, you also get access to movies in other languages.

Netflix has a range of plans available, so you don’t need to worry overly much about affordability. They even have a mobile-only streaming plan for the ultimate cost savings. That said, we do have to discuss their region locks.

Unless you reside in India, Hindi titles will be more limited for your region. If you want to access all the best Hindi movies Netflix has, you will need a VPN for sure. I may sound like a  broken record about this by now, but those are the facts of online media streaming.

Watch Hindi Movies on Netflix

4. ALT Balaji

For purists who want something by Indians for Indians, ALT Balaji is a true-blue company that’s part of Balaji Telefilms. I love that they aim to bring what is essentially niche content to a global audience. Like Netflix, they offer a mix of licensed and original titles.

While it doesn’t offer free streaming, ALT Balaji prices are much lower than most international brands. You can grab a three-month subscription pack for just a few dollars here. However, there is a catch. 

ALT Balaji is new. Like, REALLY new, so there are only a handful of titles currently in the stable. If you’re interested in testing out the platform, the prices make sense, but unless they beef it up considerably, you’ll run out of things to watch quickly.

I like the fact they offer trailers alongside the full movies, though. It makes sense for mobile devices, which seems to be the market they are going after.

Check out the Hindi Movies on ALT Balaji

5. ErosNow

While ErosNow may sound like something that offers not quite so family-friendly movies, I can assure you that isn’t the case. They are a legit movie streaming site that happens to be named rather unusually.

This service is another commercial one but comes at incredibly low prices. Incredibly, they still manage to offer a ton of Bollywood titles which are generally only available via the top streaming platforms.

If you want to chase Bollywood fandom, ErosNow is an interesting place to get your toes wet.  I only have one complaint about the service, and that’s the interface. For some reason, they’ve mimicked the clunky Netflix interface, which looks awful unless you’re on specific types of devices like TVs or mobile phones.

Watch Bollywood’s Latest at ErosNow


This list is just the tip of the iceberg, but the general idea is that there is a ton of Hindi media content available online. Whether you’re a beginner to this genre or a die-hard Bollywood fan, sign up and start watching now.

While you don’t always need a subscription or a VPN, both will help if you seek online media streaming.

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