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How to Watch Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix from Anywhere

Many of you are familiar with the critically acclaimed movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ It was a major commercial success and received positive reviews

Many of you are familiar with the critically acclaimed movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ It was a major commercial success and received positive reviews from critics. The Wolf of Wall Street garnered several nominations, including five at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. However, the movie was controversial for many reasons. Hence, it is no wonder that many sought to watch this movie online. 

Watching Wolf of Wall Street Easily

There are several ways you can watch The Wolf of Wall Street online. Netflix is one of the top-notch streaming platform providers around. It shines in its massive library of content. You can catch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ via Netflix in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany. 

Although you can watch this movie on several other streaming platforms, Netflix remains the top choice for streaming The Wolf of Wall Street. Not only do you get to stream various shows, anime, and documentaries, but you also enjoy access to Netflix’s original series that are gathering raving reviews. Also, Netflix refreshes its content, so you never get bored.

How to Watch Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix from Anywhere

Watch Wolf of Wall Street
Despite the many controversies, The Wolf of Wall Street was a major commercial success. 

There is a catch when watching Netflix – the content available depends on where you reside. You’ll enjoy everything from the Netflix US library if you’re in the US. However, in Italy, you’ll have access to all content from the Netflix Italy library. 

There’s the issue of different distribution rights in various regions. Hence, you’ll find only certain content available from where you are. Although Netflix has an impressive content line-up, you may need help to watch The Wolf of Wall Street from anywhere. Do not despair, as there are ways to circumvent this issue. 

1. Use a VPN

Due to the regional restrictions imposed by distribution rights of the content in different regions, you can only sometimes watch what you want via Netflix. As such, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to help bypass such geo-restrictions. VPNs are essential tools that you must have when online. Not only does it mask your IP and protect your privacy, but it also encrypts your data, safeguarding it from eyes with malicious intentions. 

VPNs circumvent the geo-block issue by replacing your IP with another, making the streaming platform provider believe you’re coming from a region with access rights. Hence, if the show you wish to watch is only available in Canada, connect to a server in Canada. 

I will use NordVPN to demonstrate how to watch Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix from anywhere. Assuming that you have subscribed to Netflix, the steps are as follows:  

Step 1. Register for a NordVPN Plan

NordVPN for streaming
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NordVPN’s three subscription plans differ based on your committed time. Of course, the shorter you commit, the pricier the plan becomes. You’d be glad to know that all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can assuredly sign up and try out NordVPN’s capabilities, and should you decide to stop, you can do so within 30 days and receive a full refund.

Step 2. Install the NordVPN App

Peruse NordVPN’s website to look for the NordVPN app of your platform choice. NordVPN’s app is platform-friendly (Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, macOS, Smart TVs, Playstation, and others). However, if you prefer to use browser extensions, there’s one for NordVPN for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Download the NordVPN app and initiate the installation. Just go through the onscreen instructions until completion.  

Step 3. Launch NordVPN and Login

Check your email for NordVPN’s login credentials. It is best to change your password under ‘Account Preferences.’ Remember to commit your new login details to memory. Launch NordVPN and then key in your new login credentials. 

Step 4. Connect to the Intended Region (Netflix Library)

Select the country to access the Netflix library.

Once you have successfully logged in, turn your attention to the list of servers in the respective countries on the left side, including recently connected ones (if you have used them before). Connect to ‘Italy.’

Step 5. Ready Your Netflix

Once your NordVPN has successfully connected to an Italy server, launch Netflix. Login to Netflix and search for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ Dig in your popcorn and watch away.

2. Switch to Google or Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS
Cloudflare DNS

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would have taken the relevant measures to enforce internet blocking to control your browsing. One is the default DNS when signing up for an Internet package; this default DNS belongs to the ISP. Hence, they can block your access to sites.

You can swap this default DNS for another. Look into Google or Cloudflare, as they provide detailed instructions to change your DNS so you can unblock your access to more sites.

3. Use a Proxy Service

You can try a Proxy service where you log in to redirect your connection elsewhere. Hence, you’ll be bypassing your ISP-provided configuration. Proxy servers are typically remote servers that behave as mediators. As such, the destination sees you coming in via these proxy servers, so you gain access to the otherwise blocked sites. 

There are differences between proxies and VPNs. A proxy server passes your traffic through a mediating server but doesn’t necessarily offer extra protection. However, VPNs encrypt your traffic. While VPNs secure at the operating system level, most proxies safeguard at the application level. 

Where to Find Wolf of Wall Street?

You can watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ via Netflix in Italy, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and Germany. I have tried it out for these regions, and they work. Just power up your VPN and connect to the relevant servers in these regions, and you’re good to go. 

Alternatively, you can try Amazon Prime Video (paid), Epix (paid), or Vudu (paid).

Alternatives to Wolf of Wall Street on Netflix

Having watched the Wolf of Wall Street and if you find yourself craving for more, here are some similar movies:

1. Margin Call 

Margin Call 
‘Margin Call’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ are alike in their focus on capitalistic greed.

Margin Call is a 2011 American movie that takes place at a Wall Street investment bank during the initial financial crisis of 2007–2008. The story focuses on the actions of a group of employees during the subsequent collapse. The movie fetched positive critical reviews. 

Unlike ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ which explores Wall Street’s culture over several decades, ‘Margin Call’ follows the crash of a powerful Wall Street investment bank over several hours. Both dwell on capitalistic greed and denial at the highest level with disastrous conclusions. Connect to Netflix US to watch Margin Call.

2. American Psycho

American Psycho
Like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street, the main actors are villains in different ways.

American Psycho is a 2000 horror film based on the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis. The movie follows the life of Patrick Bateman, a New York City investment banker who is also a serial killer. The film received mostly positive reviews. Like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ both explore the New York finance world and are black comedies.

The main actors are similar in that they are complex and harbor disasters. They luxuriate in their successes and are villains in their way, thanks to their magnetic personalities. Connect to Netflix Canada to watch American Psycho.

3. The Big Short

The Big Short
‘The Big Short’ is similar to ‘The Wolf of Wall Street in that they dwell on financial malpractice.

Based on the 2010 book ‘The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine’ by Michael Lewis, The Big Short is a 2015 American biographical comedy-drama movie about the financial crisis of 2007–2008. This movie does well through its unconventional techniques to explain the various financial instruments, making it a critical and commercial success.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘The Big Short’ have many things in common. Both focus on Wall Street’s culture of corruption and financial malpractice. Also, the untraditional satirical elements explained in lay terms make for more enjoyable and understandable viewing. Connect to Netflix UK to watch The Big Short.


The internet has made things super easy and more convenient for us to enjoy the many pleasures in life. One of them is online streaming. You can enjoy tons of exciting and intriguing shows and movies in the comforts of your living room. 

However, you must do the necessary to safeguard your privacy and ensure you can safely stream online. A VPN service shields you and all your online activities. For a couple of dollars a month, in most cases, it is a no-brainer to sign up for a trusted VPN. 

VPN for Safety & Easier Streaming Online

Personally, I think VPN is a really good idea if you stream media online a lot. Aside from helping you to access geo-blocked content, VPNs can help mask your identity and keep you safer online. If you’re going to be visiting questionable sites, they’ll come in very handy.

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