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How to Watch 123Movies From Anywhere

Even though the original 123Movies site is no longer functional, there are still many other ways you can watch the same content. To access 123Movies or its clone sites, you can try changing DNS or make use of services like proxies or VPN connections. To learn the detail how-to – read on!

Being able to watch 123Movies from anywhere really will require a Virtual Private Network Connection. Although some other methods might work, there are some issues which we’ll be discussing in this article.

123Movies first came into being around 2015. Since then it’s provided a steady stream (no pun intended) of movies – even the latest to hit the golden screens. Of course, this was all highly illegal and the site was eventually shut down in 2017.

Like the beast of a thousand legs, that wasn’t quite as simple as authorities thought. Mirror, or clone sites quickly emerged and it was business as usual again shortly after. Still, because of its notoriety, 123Movies and many of its iterations have been blocked in many countries.

There is also the issue of security that users have to take into consideration. Most sites like 123Movies aren’t simply created out of an urge for public service. They often host malicious scripts, viruses, and other malware, or otherwise try and steal your data.

Watching 123Movies Easily

Technically there are a number of ways you can access 123Movies or its clone sites. These range from simple DNS changes to using services like proxies or VPN connections. Let’s look at some of these methods now.

1. Use a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the safest and best way to watch 123Movies from anywhere. Aside from helping you overcome geo-blocks, they also offer many extra security features, which is ideal.

For example, they always include an element of data security and will encrypt any information sent or received from your device. At the same time, many VPNs also include tracker blocking, anti-malware, and other useful utilities.

Here are the VPN providers we recommend:

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Since sites like 123Movies are inherently dangerous, you need to secure your connection, data, and device when using them. To do this, simply sign up with a VPN service, install the application you need, and everything you do online will be much safer – not just watching 123Movies.

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2. Swapping to Google or Cloudflare DNS

Internet blocks are often put in place at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) level. When you sign up for an Internet package, your default DNS is typically one that belongs to the ISP. That’s an easy way for them to block you from certain sites.

A quick fix will be to swap that DNS for a better public service. There are many companies that offer this as a free (and safe) service. To change your DNS, refer to instructions given by either Google or Cloudflare.

3. Using a Proxy Service

Another method that might work will be the use of a Proxy service. These are remote servers you can log in to and use as a sort of redirection for your Internet connection. That way, you won’t technically be using your ISP-provided configuration.

Proxy servers come in both free and paid variants. However, there are also inherent dangers in using proxy servers, especially for activities deemed illegal. Proxies are different from VPN services.

Where to Find 123Movies

Even though the original 123Movies link is no longer functional, there are many other ways you can watch the same content. These are often called ‘clone’ or ‘mirror’ sites. The problem, as mentioned, is that you never know who’s operating them.

In any case, some links you can try include:

Is Watching 123Movies Legal?

This really depends on which country you reside in. Some countries with strong copyright laws are very uptight about sites like 123Movies. At the same time, other countries may have applicable laws against it which may be only weakly enforced. Others might not care at all.

The problem for us is that it can be hard to keep track of the laws in each location we’re in. What happens if you travel to a location with strict enforcement and you forget to check – and end up in trouble?

It’s always safer to secure your browsing and other web activities with a reputable VPNs service provider.

Alternatives to 123Movies

If you feel a little insecure by now, there are other options to 123Movies. But unless you’re actually paying for a streaming subscription, it is very likely that you will be running many of the same risks as trying to watch 123Movies without using a VPN.

Some sites that have potential include PutLocker and GoStream, but they’re honestly more of the same thing. This really isn’t feasible unless you’re using either a legit site or know how to protect your device and connection.


As you can see, the Internet is nothing if not flexible. There are always different ways to achieve your goals. The most important thing to realize is that your privacy and safety should always be your top consideration.

Using a VPN service will help you shield all your online activities for less than the price of a cup of coffee a month in most cases. Consider it wisely.

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