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How to Live Stream MotoGP Online for Free

The thrilling roar of high-powered motorbike engines makes MotoGP one of the most widely telecast motorsports. If you happen to be in a location that doesn’t offer MotoGP live streams for free, I’m going to show you how to get access.

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MotoGP is streamed live for free on many channels worldwide. The original rights holder, Italian company Dorna, partners with networks around the world to make this happen. With each race netting hours of live feed from over a hundred live cameras, the action is exciting.

The thrilling roar of high-powered motorbike engines makes MotoGP one of the most widely telecast motorsports. If you happen to be in a location that doesn’t offer MotoGP live streams for free, I’m going to show you how to get access.

Use a VPN for easy Stream MotoGP
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How to Watch MotoGP Using a VPN

From Sky in Italy to NBC in the US, dozens of countries provide access to live MotoGP streams and video each year. If you aren’t in one of the lucky countries then take advantage of a VPN to spoof your location. Here’s how it can happen:

1. Grab a VPN Subscription

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VPNs help your devices appear in different locations via secure servers. By connecting to these servers your device will appear to be in those locations. A subscription generally costs just a few dollars each month.

2. Download, Install and Launch

Surfshark login

Each VPN will usually offer a range of applications suitable for different devices. Don’t worry if you aren’t using a computer for live streams, many support Smart TVs, various routers, and even smartphones.

3. Connect to a server in the correct country (for example, the US for NBC)

connect to correct country

Here are some locations that will provide access to Motor GP live streams:

Country to ConnectTV NetworkURLs for Streaming
UKBT Sporthttps://www.bt.com/sport/motogp
AsiaFox Sportshttps://www.foxsports.com.au/
GermanyServus TVhttps://www.servustv.com/
PortugalSport TVhttps://www.sporttv.pt/
JapanNippon TVhttps://www.ntv.co.jp/
ThailandPPTV HDhttps://www.pptvhd36.com/
PolandPolsat Sporthttps://www.polsatsport.pl/
Latina AmericaESPNhttps://www.espn.com/

Most VPNs, even the best among them, will set you back between $2 to $4 per month. However, that’s for extended subscriptions (usually 1 or 2 years). This extended subscription is how VPN providers ensure more stable financing.

Comparatively, premium TV channels may cost tends to even over a hundred dollars per month. The difference is significant, so try using a VPN for your Moto GP live streams. There are also many VPNs to choose between, so make sure to stick with a reputable brand.

I highly recommend Surfshark since it offers an outstanding combination of value and performance. You pay a few dollars per month and get access to thousands of servers in almost any location – ideal for bypassing geo-blocks.

MotoGP Races for 2022

motogp race schedule

MotoGP takes place annually in a large number of countries. These run on special motor circuits designed to keep visitors entertained while offering riders varying challenges. They’ll need to deal with different climates, circuits, and more.

MotoGP Schedule for 2022

2 February 2022Sepang (Shakedown)Complete
6 February 2022Sepang (Testing)Complete
13 February 2022Mandalika (Testing)Complete
6 March 2022Qatar GPComplete
20 March 2022Indonesian GPComplete
3 April 2022Argentinian GPComplete
10 April 2022Americas GPComplete
24 April 2022Portugal GPUpcoming
1 May 2022Spanish GPUpcoming
15 May 2022French GPUpcoming
29 May 2022Italian GPUpcoming
5 June 2022Catalan GPUpcoming
19 June 2022German GPUpcoming
26 June 2022Dutch GPUpcoming
10 July 2022Finnish GPUpcoming
7 August 2022British GPUpcoming
21 August 2022Austrian GPUpcoming
4 September 2022San Marino GPUpcoming
18 September 2022Aragon GPUpcoming
25 September 2022Japanese GPUpcoming
2 October 2022Thailand GPUpcoming
16 October 2022Australian GPUpcoming
23 October 2022Malaysian GPUpcoming
6 November 2022Valencia GPUpcoming

Also check this page for latest official MotoGP Race results.

Alternative Option to Free MotoGP Live Streams

Aside from using a VPN to watch MotoGP free you have another option. The MotoGP VideoPass by the official channel provides much better access to MotoGP materials. However, the pass costs a bomb and will set you back a shocking €139.99.

Personally, I think a free MotoGP live stream is better, even if you need a VPN to access the right channels. As for additional content, there are hundreds of them constantly updating with fresh MotoGP news, changes, schedules, and more.


MotoGP is perhaps the most accessible motorsport event each year. It’s exciting and loud, but not difficult to watch with the right know-how. If you don’t get access through your local channels, simply use a VPN and hop onto a digital channel that does provide free live MotoGP access.

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