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5 Best Sites to Stream UFC Fights for Free

We’ve done some extensive digging to bring the best sites to stream UFC for free, just for you (and us too).

Nothing could be more tragic than separating an MMA lover from UFC content. I hear you and agree with you, the need for pure unadulterated violence is strong. That’s why we have broadband and can stream UFC fights.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get the best quality. Some of the sites you find can be real crap. Because of that, I’ve done some extensive digging to bring the best sites to stream UFC for free, just for you (and me too).

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1. YouTube UFC Channel

Now the de-facto go-to for all things video, YouTube has stretched itself far from the early days. You not only get to view tons of user-generated content for free, but some of it is of remarkable quality.

For a quick fix of UFC bouts you can visit the official UFC channel on YouTube. They show entire fights there, not just short clips. In addition, you get the same previews and can see other value-added videos as well.

In addition, YouTube also has a number of other MMA-related channels, some of which even live-stream fights. Of course if you wander around outside the official channel, the quality isn’t always assured.

Visit YouTube UFC Channel

2. BT Sport 1 on CricFree

To be honest, this site is shady is heck since it seems to be pulling feeds from a ton of subscription IPTV services. The one we’ve interested in, of course, is their MMA streams and that can be found on BT Sport 1.

Use the link I’ve embedded above to view their MMA live streams. The site itself is packed with channels but no really easy way to search for anything. Still, if you’re a sports fan this site can be a haven of joy.

The downside of using CricFree is that there are tons of click ads and quality is a little sad. You often get diverted to VPN sites (we’ll come to that later), and personally, only the ads seem to be shown in high quality. Everything else is 480p.

Visit BT Sport 1 on CricFree

3. Stream2Watch TV UFC

For the purists, this channel on Stream2Watch is only for UFC fights. They have live streams in high quality but you’ll be forced to create an account if you want to access the fights. I guess they want to know who’s watching.

The site is simple and there’s not much wiggle room to do anything else but watch UFC fights. That’s good since we just want to jump into the action right? Don’t forget to create your account beforehand though, if you intend to catch the live fight streams.

Visit Stream2Watch TV UFC

4. UFC Streams

While the title of this site may seem to say it all, UFC Streams actually covers boxing as well. This site is completely free and you don’t even have to register to watch the fights in up  to 1080p quality.

However, it isn’t the most attractive of places to visit and in all honesty – seems slapped together rather crudely. Another thing to know is that UFC Streams only does live streams – there is no archiving or other form of programming.

Once you hit the site, there’s a few notification boxes of when the next upcoming fights are with the necessary details – opponents, quality, time, and date – but that’s about it. If you want to join their community, that exists on reddit and discord, not the site.

Visit UFC Streams

5. Crackstreams

With a site name that can be interpreted in quite a few ways, Crackstreams seems to be another of those fly-by-night places. It’s been around for almost two years now though so chances are it’ll stay for awhile.

Here you can watch live streams only of a ton of popular sports such as NBA, NFL, XFL, NCAAF, boxing, and of course most importantly – MMA/UFC. The site looks and feels so eerily similar to UFC Streams that at first I thought they were the same.

I checked out the discord channels though and these guys are simply doing their own thing in similar ways. Perhaps it’s some weird coincidence. Anyway, streams are free, watch the fights, and have fun. 

Oh – fight links are only updated the day before a fight, so make sure you’re on the ball. You can also follow them on Twitter for updates.

Visit Crackstreams

Wrapping Up

As you can see there are a ton of places to watch free UFC fights. However to be honest, I feel as though the majority of these sites are a bit dodgy.

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