How to Delete Google Voice Search History

Here are a few easy steps to delete your Google voice search history and stop the tech giant from continue recording more voice clips of yours.

Who Can See Your Browsing Data

Basically, anyone who wants to could see your browsing history. Top culprits include ISP, businesses, cybercriminals, stalkers, etc. It's entirely up to you how you want to maintain your data privacy.

What Does Google Know about Me?

Google knows almost everything about you - what you look like, where have you been, your political and religious beliefs, and how healthy you are. Read on to learn how Google embed their products into our daily lives and collect different types of information from us legally.

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Disposable email addresses present the opportunity to help increase your cybersecurity profile. In this article we will look at a mix of both kinds of service providers and how we can use them to benefit from the disposable email usage theory.

What is an Ad Blocker?

Ad Blockers are browser add-ons that stop ads from downloading onto your browser. The software not only play a crucial role in protecting privacy, but also give a smoother and better user browsing experience. However, there are specific situations where Ad Blockers may not work. Read our article to learn more.

Best Free Ad Blockers – Remove Ads and Pop-ups

Ad Blockers are software products capability for blocking internet ads. Here is the list of best free Ad Blockers you might want to explore. Try them out to find which is the best for you.

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13 Coolest Tor Websites to Visit

There is lots of stuff that can be found on .onion sites and the Dark Web isn't all gloom and doom. First, you need to install Tor Browser before accessing the sites.

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What Does Facebook Know about Me?

Facebook tracks your activity on and tons of third-party websites and apps. Here's how.