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7 Best LastPass Alternatives

LastPass can be a helpful tool for those looking to protect their information. However, with recent security incidents, it’s a good idea to consider multiple options for added security.

LastPass is a popular service that securely stores and manages user login credentials. However, it’s come under focus for various undesirable reasons over the past months. Don’t worry, though. 

If you want a LastPass alternative with additional features or a different user experience, choices abound. The current password manager market is plentiful in terms of security, features, and price.

Quick Comparison of LastPass Alternatives

As users of password managers, we’ve gone through dozens of them. Some lasted a few months, others a year. Through the process, we’ve highlighted several of the best. Remember, it’s not just about ranking, but there’s something suitable for all needs.

Here are our recommendations for seven of the best LastPass alternatives;

Password ManagerStarting PricePlatformsMFA
1Password$2.99/moWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, LinuxYes
BitwardenFreeWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, LinuxYes
NordPassFreeWindows, Mac, iOS, Android, LinuxYes
Keeper$24.49/yrWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYes
RoboForm$17.90/yrWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidYes
Norton Password ManagerFreeWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidNo
Google Password ManagerFreeAll PlatformsYes

1. 1Password

1Password provides secure password storage, automatic password filling, and password generation capabilities across multiple devices and platforms.

1Password is a popular password manager that offers a wide range of features that make it a great alternative to LastPass. It’s been around since 2006 and has never experienced any security issues since that time.

Why 1Password a LastPass Alternative?

One of our favorite features of 1Password is its user-friendly interface. The app is easy to navigate and provides a clear and concise overview of all your saved passwords and other sensitive information. You can easily find anything with a few clicks (or taps).

The service uses AES-256 encryption to protect your data, and two-factor authentication makes your account more robust. The secret key to your 1Password account is stored securely on your device, so only you’ll know what it is.

1Password Pricing

Interestingly, 1Password offers a migration plan that lets you transfer other password managers’ credits to their service. Even without that, though, the service only costs $2.99/mo – a small price for peace of mind.

Visit 1Password Online

2. Bitwarden

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that offers secure password storage and autofill, multi-device sync, and password-sharing capabilities.

The most significant difference between LastPass and Bitwarden is that the latter is open source. That means its source code is available for anyone to review. This setup allows for greater transparency and security.

Why Bitwarden?

Another great feature of Bitwarden is its cross-platform compatibility. The app is available on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Even if you have a household with multiple device types, managing passwords with Bitwarden is seamless.

Bitwarden offers a range of pricing plans that cater to different needs. The basic plan is free, but a premium upgrade unlocks more features, including multi-factor authentication and priority customer support.

Visit Bitwarden Online

3. NordPass

NordPass offers secure storage, autofill, and password generation features to simplify and secure online account access.

The critical differentiator of NordPass lies in excellent security. The service lies under the umbrella of Nord Security, the company behind one of the best VPN services around; NordVPN. NordPass uses XChaCha20 encryption, considered one of the most secure currently available.

Why NordPass An Alternative to LastPass?

NordPass is also highly user-friendly, with an interface that’s easily navigable and pleasing to the eye. Launching the app offers a clear and concise overview of all your saved passwords and other sensitive information.

The app is free, but a premium plan provides additional features such as multi-factor authentication and sharing passwords with other users. We used the free variant of the app for some time and found it sufficient for most basic needs.

NordPass Pricing

However, we strongly recommend getting a package deal for NordPass that includes the VPN and password manager for a monthly subscription price of only $5.19. 

Visit NordPass Online

4. Keeper

Keeper is a company that provides a password manager and digital vault for secure storage and sharing of passwords, files, and personal information.

Keeper’s claim to fame as a password manager lies in its advanced security features. These include AES-256 encryption to protect your data and two-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of security.

Why Keeper An Alternative to LastPass?

As a LastPass alternative, Keeper offers you more flexibility in information storage. While LastPass does the same, Keepers’ tools in this area make it more useful daily. The app even includes a built-in password generator that helps you to create strong and unique passwords for all your accounts.

Keeper Pricing

Keeper offers an unlimited personal plan for only $24.49/year. That makes it cheaper than LastPass and most other password managers, except for free options like Google password manager or Norton’s password manager tool.

Visit Keeper Online

5. RoboForm

RoboForm is a password manager and form filler that securely stores passwords and personal information, autofills forms, and generates strong passwords.

Honestly, RoboForm is a tough choice for inclusion on this list. While it’s technically a decent LastPass alternative, the hideous interface gave the team the jitters. Yet we managed to look beyond that and assess RoboForm in its true light.

Why RoboForm a LastPass Alternative?

While pretty basic, the RoboForm app is easier to use and navigate than most. Think of it as a “back to basics” app that strips out the pretty and goes heavy on usability. RoboForm even supports multi-form filling, allowing you to fill online forms with your personal information.

RoboForm charges vary across multiple subscription plans. The longer you subscribe and the more seats per license you take, the lower prices get. It’s ideal for small businesses wanting to increase security across the board quickly.

Visit RoboForm Online

6. Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager
Norton Password Manager provides secure password storage and autofill, password generation, and password sharing capabilities.

The most notable highlight of Norton Password Manager is its roots. Norton is a trusted cybersecurity brand that’s been around for ages. That translates into a comprehensive feature set that’s highly secure and usable.

Why Norton Password Manager?

The app is available on various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Notably, it’s compatible with multiple web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The flexibility cannot be understated in a time when most of us own multiple devices.

Best of all, the Norton Password Manager is a free tool, available even for non-Norton customers. If you’re using other Norton products, it’s conveniently built-into most, such as the Norton 360 app.

Visit Norton Password Manager

7. Google Password Manager

Google Password Manager
Google Passwords saves your passwords and makes logging into your favorite sites easier.

Most of us start with the Google Password Manager, even if you aren’t aware of its existence. It’s the default password management system in Google Chrome, the globally dominant web browser. It simply works invisibly behind the scenes. 

Why Google Password Manager?

However, it can be challenging to manage. Still, this password manager is a good Lastpass alternative since Google can annoy you with password threats at every turn. It’s also hard-baked into the Google ecosystem. Unless you use many non-google tools, it’s a better choice than LastPass. 

The Google Password Manager is free to use and available on all platforms, so it’s accessible to a wide range of users. This makes it an excellent option for individuals and small businesses looking for a password manager that won’t break the bank.

Visit Google Password Manager

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a password management tool that securely stores and organizes your login credentials for various websites and applications. It allows users to create strong, unique passwords for each account and automatically fills them in when logging in. 

This user-friendliness helps users to remember multiple complex passwords and reduces the risk of password reuse. LastPass also offers a variety of additional security features, such as two-factor authentication, multifactor authentication, and biometric login options.

Why Consider a LastPass Alternative?

The most urgent reason for considering a LastPass alternative is that the system is insecure. In August 2022, the service suffered a data breach. If that wasn’t bad enough, it took a significant amount of time to reveal little about what data was lost, along with how or why.

This lackadaisical attitude of a service provider that helps users secure a large part of their digital life simply isn’t acceptable. Until now, LastPass isn’t forthcoming on the incident. We only know that cyber criminals could have access to LastPass user password vaults.

There has already been one incident where a LastPass user sued the company. The claim is that cybercriminals used a compromised password from the LastPass data breach to steal $53,000 in cryptocurrency.

LastPass also faces class-action lawsuits over its data breach, with cases ongoing in several jurisdictions. 

Setting up and Using a LastPass Alternative

The process of setting up and using a LastPass alternative will vary depending on your choice of a password manager. However, most password management tools have a similar setup process and features. 

Here is a general overview of the process;

1. Choose Your Password Manager

We highly recommend one of those on the list above. However, the key is matching a suitable option with your specific needs in mind. 

2. Create An Account

Once you’ve chosen your password manager, create an account on their website. Some may require a paid subscription. During this process, you generally need to use their dashboard to create a master password that controls your password manager vault.

3. Install The Tool

Most password managers will offer several apps suitable for various devices. Make sure to install the apps on each device you want to use the password manager.

4. Import Existing Passwords

Import existing passwords. This step is likely the most important. Almost all password managers can import passwords from your previous password manager. This is a two-step process where you have to export them from the previous system and import them to the new one.

Each password manager will provide you with specific instructions on the import and export process. Makes sure to follow those instructions carefully.

Final Thoughts – Ditch LastPass Now!

It’s not a sin for a service provider to suffer some technical setbacks. However, the problem is that LastPass needs to be helping its users. Instead, the company is trying to avoid taking responsibility for what may happen to its many users, who now face countless hours changing their passwords.  

With a poor service attitude, likely, LastPass won’t survive for long once the dust clears. Even if it does, will you trust your sensitive information to a company that doesn’t care about your security? We highly recommend using a LastPass alternative, whether or not you are currently on their service.

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