Protect Your Digital Privacy

Data Is The New Oil

Governments are spying on their own citizens and companies are running rampant collecting data.

Consider the fact that in many countries, government agencies are illegally collecting data which circumvents laws. They do this under the veil of official secrecy. What you’re being told isn’t what is happening in reality. Sounds scary right?

Then also consider the fact that what a company like Google knows about you might exceed that of many friends. It knows everything from your date of birth right down to the brand of prophylactic you usually buy online.

Where Google and companies like it claim to use the data to make your life easier, they also use it to earn money by selling ads. Other companies don’t even try to make your life easier – they just want your data so they can sell it to others.

Why Should You Care?

If you think all of this happens only in totalitarian countries, think again.

Among those that pretend to care are countries like the US and UK. Of course, there are the usual suspects we know like China that openly say they think digital freedom is bad. Even though governments are elected by the people, they’ve taken over your rights completely.

Finally, we also have a third category of privacy violators to consider – cybercriminals. Today, hackers no longer only target big companies for attack. They’re going after individual users on a massive scale, simply taking whatever information they want.

Knowing is winning half of the battle

As individuals, we all have the right to make our own mistakes. However, as thinking adults, we also know that if the government isn’t protecting us, we should take the initiative instead.

Part of the process involves education.

That’s why we at Hide and Seek have made it our mission to help our readers learn.

This section of our site is designed to help increase awareness about privacy in the digital space. Along with that, we also want to share our knowledge about useful tools that can help you protect your privacy. Some of what we look at under the privacy umbrella includes alternative search engines and tiny tracking prevention utilities.

Don’t rely on others.

Do what you can to regain the basic rights we as individuals should have. Privacy starts with learning and only then can we make the right choices. We earnestly hope to help you along the journey to digital anonymity.

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Protect Your Privacy with a VPN

Your private data belongs to yourself and yourself only. Safeguard your privacy and protects your anonymity with a virtual private network (VPN).

SurfShark, NordVPN, and ExpressVPN are three VPN providers that practice strict no-log policy. All three are based in either British Virgin Island or Panama. Both countries have no mandatory data retention laws and do not participate in the Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes alliances.