7 Best LastPass Alternatives

LastPass can be a helpful tool for those looking to protect their information. However, with recent security incidents, it's a good idea to consider multiple options for added security.

How to Delete Your Digital Footprint

Your digital footprint has value to many different parties. You should think about how to protect yourself from identity theft.

Google Sucks

Google is a massive corporation that often tries to pass itself off as friendly and for the people. Yet behind its colorful logos and attempts to make life "easier" with single sign-on buttons lies a conglomerate with aims of global domination.

How to Text Anonymously

From official channels to third-party services, here are the best ways for you to text anonymously.

What You Need to Know About

Using as your DNS server address can speed up the loading of websites, enhancing your digital experience.

WiFi Location Tracking: How Does it Work

Your smartphone is letting WiFi networks track your location. Here’s how it happens.

How to Send Money Anonymously

Due to the high privacy levels and security, personally, I favor Cryptocurrency plus a VPN when sending money anonymously. I will show you how to do it and why the VPN is needed.

How to Stop ISP Tracking

ISP tracks and collects massive amounts of user data for different purposes. In many countries, the government even work closely with ISPs to regulate Internet usage within the country. Here's how you can stop ISP from tracking you.

Best Peerblock Alternatives

PeerBlock is a free and open-source tool that allows you to block certain IP address from accessing your computer. Although the tool is free, you will need to pay for its IP lists. Let's check out these alternatives to PeerBlock that may make more sense for you.

How to Completely Delete Your Google Account Activity

Google stores all of the history and activities you perform. While this is fine for some people, it's not ideal for those concerned about personal data privacy. The article shows you the steps to delete your Google account activity completely.

How Do I Permanently Delete a Facebook Account?

This article will show you the proper steps to delete or uninstall Facebook immediately.