How to Access Binance From Anywhere

The value of cryptocurrency can change quickly, and it's important for traders to have access to their digital assets, especially when using a platform like Binance. A Virtual Private Network can help provide constant access to Binance from anywhere.

8 Password Ideas (with Examples) to Stay Safe Online

Strong vs Weak Passwords  Any password that is easy for others to guess is a weak password.  It can be

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The Dark Web is perhaps one of the most misunderstood concepts on the Internet. Let’s consider some common Dark Web myths and see where the truth lies.

How to Remove Trojan Malware

Trojan can be tough to detect. If your device behaves strangely, it may indicate that it is infected with Trojan. Here are several ways you can remove Trojan Malware.

What is the Log4Shell Vulnerability?

Log4Shell is a serious vulnerability that attackers can use to take over control of devices.

Is The Airport’s Free Internet Safe?

Airports are providing free Internet services to passengers and anyone can access it including hackers. You should be cautious when using airport's free Internet.

Best Browsers With a Built-in VPN

Most mainstream browsers like Chrome don’t feature a native VPN. Opera is likely the most recognizable brand among the three we recommend. Here's the list of recommended browsers with an integrated VPN.

7 Common PayPal Scams

PayPal may be well-established, but scammers are savvy and work the system. If you think you’ve been scammed, work quickly to get help directly from PayPal. Let's have a look at the most common PayPal scams you need to avoid.

How to Block Websites on Chrome

Did you know that you can also block websites on Google Chrome instead of only accessing the web?

Is It Safe to Use Hotel WiFi for Banking?

Is the hotel WiFi safe for banking? The quick answer is "no". Generally, Hotel WiFi is unencrypted and things can go wrong when WiFi security lapses happen. Don't worry though, taking proper precautions like using a VPN can help mitigate the risk.

How to Encrypt Your Internet Connection

Data can be read by most devices and because of increasing data breach of theft incidents, you may want to encrypt your data when passing through different channels. Here's how you can encrypt your Internet connection.