Stay Safe on the Internet

Our digital safety and wellbeing has become a key point of focus in today’s age of digital. As the connected population rises, so too have the levels of cybersecurity threats. It has become a fundamental need for us to become more keenly aware of this.

How often have many of us read about crime in the news and thought “that won’t happen to me”? 

Yet many of those crimes are common – robbery, theft, and more. Sadly, we are allowing the same phenomenon to happen to our online lives.

Cyberspace Is As Dangerous As Real Life

As individuals using a host of devices daily to surf the web, we often feel a disconnect to reality. The lack of physical interaction with cyberspace can lead to a disproportionate sense of personal safety while we’re online.

Sadly, this could not be further from the truth.

Because of the perceived veil of anonymity the Internet seems to offer, we remain at risk. Just because crime that happens in cyberspace is of a different nature, that doesn’t reduce the potential for impact at profound levels.

From Internet scams to outright identity theft and doxxing, there are so many types of cybercrime happening. These could result in anything from as minor as the loss of use of an online account to every cent you own being siphoned away.

We don’t typically share too many personal details with those we are unfamiliar with in real life. Why then, do we feel free to provide this information to websites of unknown origin, offering us deals that seem too good to be true?

Even more frightening is the thought that our children, from very young ages, are exposed to the same levels of cybercrime as us. Just as you would not let your child talk to strangers, would you allow them to chat with an unknown person in the digital world?

We Need to Learn Together

Much of this is because we have not made the connection between crime affecting us in real life and those which happen on the Internet. By creating greater awareness, Hide and Seek hopes to bridge this divide.

We explore how money, safety, and other areas come together in cyberspace and expose them in a single focused area of Internet Safety.

Internet safety needs not only education, but acclimatization. Remember as you explore this with us, that it not only affects you, but your family and friends as well.

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By working as a community, we can build better digital security awareness.